Say it ain't so, Ma-kun...

Good morning everyone,

Well, yesterday was warm, wasn't it? I went out for a run in the afternoon and it was a far cry from Tuesday morning-yesterday I didn't wear gloves or an ear-warmer and I was still sweating! Today will be pretty much the same-blue skies and a high of around 13C. Enjoy it, because it'll be cloudy and dismal tomorrow with rain expected later in the day. The skies will clear up on Sunday, but it'll be cold-the high will be only 8C...

I knew there was a very, very slight chance that Tanaka would end up as a Blue Jay, but for him to sign as a Yankee?! That's really disappointing. I can completely understand why many Japanese players end up as Yankees-the Yankees get the most exposure over here in Japan, so they are the team that everybody knows.
Tanaka press conference
However, noboby likes the Yankees outside of New York. Once they were hated because they were the richest team-like the Giants here in Japan-and "bought" championships regularly by over-spending and signing all of the biggest stars. But now they have competition from the Los Angeles Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox-all of whose payrolls are very similar to the Yankees. And for the Yankees to make him the 5th highest paid pitcher in baseball, despite having never pitched a single inning in the Majors?! That's ridiculous! He'll always be under so much pressure because of the size of that contract.

It's hard to put a finger on why the Yankees are so hated-there are so many little almost feels like they don't love baseball, they just want to win. Hmmm...and the fact that naturally we like to cheer for the underdog and the Yankees are NEVER the underdog...but it puts me in a difficult position because I hate them-however, having lived in Japan for a long time, I still want to cheer for and support the Japanese players who head to America to play with the best in the world. But there is no way I'm going to cheer for the Yankees-I was happy for Matsui when he won the MVP of the World Series and I'm glad to see Ichiro still playing and I hope that he-Kuroda and Tanaka all enjoy some personal success in the Majors.

But whenever Tanaka pitches against the Blue Jays I hope they light him up (it's a baseball expression that means a pitcher gives up a lot of hits and runs in a game) and knock him out of the game!

Have a great day!

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