What's going on?

Good morning everyone,

I hope you weren't expecting to go lie on the beach today. It'll be cloudy in the morning and then begin to rain in the afternoon and continue to rain all day...oh...and it'll only get up to around 13C, which might make it a bit chilly to lie on the beach anyway. It'll still be warmer than Sunday which will see clear skies return, but a high of only 9C. They are calling for the mercury to climb throughout the week until we get to a high of 15C on Thursday! That's almost like summer back home!  Ha ha!

Do you ever feel like everybody else knows what's happening around Hiroshima but you? I do. I feel like that almost every day! Ha ha! And partly it's a good thing because it forces students to explain things that are going on in English. But it's also a bad thing...I often feel like I miss out on things in Hiroshima...I take that back-not 'often'...ALWAYS!

It's so depressing to hear that somebody went to an Eric Clapton concert that I hadn't even heard about!  How does that happen?!  How can there be an Eric Clapton concert or an Aerosmith concert in Hiroshima and I don't hear about them till it's too late?!  

And it's not only concerts...I  often hear about festivals, food fairs and local events the day after they're finished!  Ha ha!  And a lot of them sound like they would have been fun! So, I'm not relying on you guys for my information anymore! You're too late!  Ha ha!

For example-I would've loved to go to this...
hiroshima event5
…wouldn't you? Yeah, it's ¥6000 but you get to go to three different restaurants...I need a wingman too in case they decide to hold another one...any takers?

I went online and found a few websites with info upcoming events in Hiroshima...they're not the most user-friendly, but I've only just started to look-hopefully I'll find a better one soon...'Get Hiroshima' used to be the best one for foreigners to check out, but it's gone from being a website to a blog. I'm sure it's much easier for the person to manage, but it makes it almost impossible for us to find any information without checking out his or her blog every day. So I stopped. I haven't been to the website/blog in ages...

Pretty soon I'll know about all the things that are coming up in Hiroshima...and I won't tell any of you guys about them until the last day!  Ha ha! (just kidding) Of course I'll let you know if I find something interesting...like this...hiroshima event3  

or this...
hiroshima event4

because I'M a nice guy! (just in case you missed the hint-I'm implying that all of you are NOT nice, because you never tell me about what's going on till it's too late! ha ha!)

Have a great day!

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