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Good morning everyone,

Did you hide under the bed last night when the thunderstorm passed over Hiroshima? There were a couple of lightning strikes that felt like they were just outside my window! Today will be sunny with a high of around 10C and tomorrow will almost be the same, but a little cooler. The rest of the week will see highs between 12C and 15C and mostly sunny skies-although Thursday is looking like it might rain...

Have you ever heard of Masaharu Fukuyama?  
masaharu fukuyama

Well, if you're Japanese, you surely have! He's the top-selling solo male artist in Japan and has been pretty much for the last ten years. He has also moved into acting-starring in two of the most popular dramas that have appeared on tv in recent years-"Galileo" and "Teiga drama Ryomaden". Last year, he appeared in the movie, "Like father, like son" which was a hit with movie-goers and critics alike.

So what has he done to appear on my blog?

Well, he's just been named as 'the man who most men admire' in Japan-for the third year in a row! It's kind of disappointing that a celebrity was named the most admirable man in Japan-I've got nothing against Masaharu, by all accounts he seems like a hard-working artist, but you would think Prof. Yamanaka (the guy who won the Nobel Prize) would have been Anyway, like I said, it's no shot against Masaharu, but it's more of a comment on how little politicians or scientists are trusted, respected or admired in Japan.

In fact, PM  Shinzo Abe was voted as the second least admired man in Japan. That's pretty harsh considering his government has a popularity rating of 50% (compared to the previous prime minister whose government's popularity was around 10%).
shinzo abe 

So, who is the man is more despised than the PM?
mino monta

Can you believe that it is Mino Monta? I was shocked when I read that! I admit that I'm not his biggest fan, but he's been so popular in Japan for so long!  How did he fall so fast in the eye of the public? Was it because of his son?   (His son famously robbed a drunk guy who had passed out on the street last year or the year before that...) Is that all it takes?  Or is there more to the story? If that's it, I  have to say that the Japanese public are pretty fickle!  Ha ha! It wasn't even his fault!

And in case you were wondering...Masaharu Fukuyama has also been named 'the man most women would want to marry' and 'the man most women want to be hugged by'. I guess I'd better get practicing with my guitar if I want to appear on that list!  Ha ha!

How about you?   Who's the man you most admire?  Or would most like to be hugged by?

Have a great day!

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