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Ahhh...whoever is praying for rain, please stop! Where did that rain come from yesterday? It wasn't mentioned in the forecast at all...today they are calling for a 0% chance of rain and sunny skies in the morning and becoming cloudy as the day goes on with a high of 12C. Tomorrow will be rainy overnight and in the morning, but should stop rainy around lunchtime or so. Then it'll be nice on Friday and Saturday with highs remaining around 13C or 14C. Sunday will be the warmest day of the week with a high of 16C expected-unfortunately they are also calling for rain on Sunday.

katsuto momii
I'm sure you heard or read about the controversial comments made by newly appointed NHK chief, Katsuto Momii. Regardless of what your personal stance is on the issue, the issue being Japan's use of 'sex slaves' during World War II, you have to admit that it was a pretty stupid thing to say.

I don't mean that his comments were stupid-everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, as the president of NHK, Japan's national public broadcaster, he should be avoiding controversy in all situations.

But my real problem lies with the manner that he came to be the president of NHK. He worked in a trading house, has no experience whatsoever in broadcasting or dealing with the media and he is named the leader of the largest broadcasting company in Japan?! How does that happen?

Well, if you put someone in that position, the reporters will eat them up. Just like what happened at his first press conference. Then, to make matters worse, a day or two after the original conference, he stated that they were his 'personal opinions' and didn't reflect those of the broadcaster. Ahhh...I'm sorry, but you don't give 'personal opinions' at a press conference.

So, naturally, there have been over a thousand complaints made regarding his comments and calls for him to resign because the position of NHK and it's president is to remain 'politically neutral'. Wading into the issue regarding 'sex slaves' is about as far from politically neutral as you can get-next we can expect him to give his opinions on Yasukuni Shrine, the Senkakus, the Osprey ,and nuclear power, I guess...ha ha! And to top it off, the government has stood by him, saying that as the comments he made were his own personal opinion, they don't affect his ability to be the president of the NHK...really?! I would have thought that they would have acted quickly and strongly and condemned what he said-remember, this isn't about 'sex slaves', it's about his ability to remain neutral in his position-and then fired him on the spot. After that, they could have made a statement that said they would improve their process of selecting the NHK president to ensure his or her ability to run the broadcaster in a way that reflects its position as the country's public broadcaster (meaning for EVERYONE in Japan). That would have increased my respect for the government greatly...however, they will now dilly-dally about and hope that the controversy loses steam or wait until it becomes bigger and bigger and then force him to step down when the damage will already have been done...

What do you think? Is Momii a good choice to lead the iconic broadcaster? Or just another beneficiary of cronyism?

Have a great day!

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