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Good morning everyone,

Well, it's raining out now and will probably keep raining till around lunchtime when the rain will stop, but the clouds will remain. Friday will see sunny skies and the warmer weather return. The sunny weather will continue through Saturday and then back to rain on Sunday. Temperatures won't change much from today-highs in the low to mid teens and lows around 3C or 4C.

Have you ever heard of the lingerie company 'Ravijour'? Neither had I till this evening. It's based in Tokyo and recently came up with a funky bra.

They call it the "True Love Tester".
true love tester bra

Apparently the sensor in the bra can tell if the woman is really 'in love' or not, by measuring her heart rate. If she is feeling the love, the app will unlock the clasp on the bra and make it possible to open.

So, if she's not feeling the love, no matter what you do, you won't be able to open the bra...

...unless of course you just slip the straps down...ha ha!

Actually, I wonder how the woman gets the bra off by herself? Ha ha!

Admittedly, Ravijour has said that this bra is just a gimmick and won't be released for sale to customers. But it still is making the rounds on the internet-which is basically free advertising for the company!

What a great idea! What I need to do is come up with some funky idea to make my school an internet meme (do you remember this word? I think I taught you it in an earlier blog...). If I can do that, it's just free advertising and the money will start rolling in! Hmmm...any ideas?

Have a great day!

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