Golden Raspberry Awards

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Yesterday was a bit dreary in the morning, wasn't it? It was grey and felt like I was in an English movie or something! Ha ha! At least it cleared up in the afternoon...Well, today isnt' going to be much different-it'll be cloudy in the morning and clearing up during the day. It'll be a lot cooler today though, with an expected high of only 5C. Tomorrow will be a bit warmer as the mercury climbs up to around 9C and should see some sun and clouds. From the middle of the week, it'll cloud over and there's a chance of rain on Thursday, Friday and Saturday...all with highs of around 10C.

Every year, a couple of weeks or so before the Academy Award winners are announced, the Golden Raspberry Awards-often referred to as "Razzies"-are given out. 
razzies statue
We often stick our tongues out and blow-making a bubbling sound (similar to a fart)-to express displeasure-that sound/action is called a 'raspberry'.

About 30 years ago (33 to be exact) a group-led by John Wilson-started giving out these 'Raspberry Awards' to movies which were exceptionally bad during the previous year.
razzies john wilson
Sort of like an anti-Academy awards show. Some famous actors get nominated and win-including Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry. Actually, Johnny Depp has been nominated this year for his performance in "Lone Ranger" which bombed big-time in the US, although it was reasonably successful here in Japan. Other actors are often nominated-like Adam Sandler-you may not know him, his type of comedy doesn't translate well, so his films rarely make it to Japan.
razzies adam sandler 
He's won a couple of Razzies already and is nominated for another one this year (nobody has ever won three...) However, the most nominated actor is Sylvester Stallone...hmmm...I like him, but I have to admit that he isn't one of the best actors around...ha ha!

Most winners don't attend (obviously-because people want to be rewarded for good work, not bad work), but there have been some winners who have attended in the past-including the aforementioned Sandra Bullock.
razzies sandra bullock 

And it was interesting to hear one actor (I forget who) say that it is hard for people to imagine making a movie. He said that they work just as hard on the ones that flop as they do on the ones that succeed. I never really thought about it before, but I guess it makes sense. It's not any easier to make a bad movie-sometimes they just don't work out, I guess.

Anyway, the Razzies are televised the night before the Oscars, so if you get a chance, you should check them out (I doubt you'll find them on regular tv in Japan...sorry) as they are a lot of fun. It's not meant to be taken seriously, so it's a nice break from the stuffy Oscars.

Who would you nominate as the worst actor/actress or movie this past year? Hmmm...I'm not sure...I saw some pretty bad ones...

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