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Good morning everyone,

Was it cold enough for you yesterday? If not, don't worry-today will be the same and then it'll be even colder tomorrow. Tomorrow we can expect a high of around 4C and a chance of snow. Then it'll warm up a bit from Friday and the wet weather will continue through Saturday. Sunday will see cloudy skies and then it'll clear up Monday. And while it will warm up towards the end of the week, temperatures will still be below average for this time of year for the next 5 or 6 days.

I went out for a 35km run yesterday morning without breakfast or any snacks and only had a single bottle of water with me, but I was able to finish it in just under 3 hours. I reckon I could run a full marathon under 3 1/2 hours if I ate and drank properly-but there's no way to do it at Tokyo. Tokyo Marathon is more of a 'festival' than a race for us middle of the pack runners. It'll be way too crowded to run at my own pace for most of the race, so I'll set my sights on running a full marathon in under 4 hours. Then, if I still feel like running marathons, I'll sign up for a local one and see how I can do without the big crowds.
tokyo marathon crowded
I'm a sweet snacker, again-don't forget that 'snack' in English is anything you eat between meals, so 'snacks' can be sweet, salty, unhealthy or healthy-like having a banana or an apple as a snack. For my Western friends, Japanese people have an image that a snack basically equals potato chips or something like them, so when I say that I snack a lot after running a long run, they think I eat a bag or two of potato chips! Ha ha! No-I eat apples, bananas and sometimes a slice of toast with peanut butter (it's got lots of protein).

I sometimes like a crunchy snack so these days I'll bite into 'Soy Carat'. Have you heard of them? I hadn't till after the Osaka Marathon where they gave them out as free samples to all the runners.

They look like this...
soy carat inside
...and the package looks like this...
soy carat package
They're made by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals-the company that gave us Pocari Sweat, Calorie Mate and SoyJoy among others.

They come in three flavours; Cheese, Olive Oil and Garlic, and Seaweed and Natto. I don't imagine the Natto one would be very popular overseas, but it tastes ok actually. In fact, they're all pretty good. They satisfy your craving for a salty snack and the best part is that there is only 120kcal in a bag! You could eat the whole bag at once without feeling guilty! 

They've also come up with some cool ads that use the name 'soy carat' in Japanese puns. Here are a couple of examples...

soy carat ad3
soy carat ad2
soy carat ad1
I'm not going to bother trying to explain them in English. They aren't funny per se, just cute ways to use the products name in a sentence. That type of advertising is pretty common in Japan.

Anyway, if you are feeling like having something crunchy and don't want to overdo it with calories, I highly recommend these!

Besides, how can I say 'no' to a product advertised by a group of sexy young women, like these?
soy carat
How about you? Have you got any healthy snacks that you usually indulge in?

Have a great day!

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