A bit optimistic...

Good morning everyone,

So, did you lock yourself in your house yesterday? Nobody would blame you, if you had. Today will be much nicer. The day will start out cloudy and then we might even see the sun later in the day. In fact, the whole week is looking like a mix of sun and cloud-the only bad news is the temperature...there is no sign of it getting any warmer all week. The warmest it'll get up to is 9C around mid-week. Keep your longjohns handy!

And it might not be a bad idea to keep your Olympic hopes realistic too...the other day I saw an announcer-I wish I could remember which one-confidently predicting that Japan would win 4 gold medals, 4 or 5 silver medals, and 10 or 11 bronze. And he was being dead serious!

Now, I love sports and I'll cheer for Japan's team and athletes to the end, but we need to be realistic. That would be like expecting Canada to win those same totals at a SUMMER Olympics. It has never happened and it won't happen anytime soon...

The most medals Japan has ever won at the Winter Olympics was at Nagano, when they had 'home' field advantage. That year, they won 5 gold medals, a single silver medal and 4 bronze medals. Since then, Japan has won a total of 1 gold medal at the 3 Olympics held...not 1 gold per Olympics...one TOTAL. I don't want to rain on people's parade, but we need to be realistic. Setting the bar too high will only make us all feel disappointed...

At the last Olympics, we (Canadians) won 15 gold medals, but we can't expect to be that lucky this time. I think we'll get around 10-12 and I'll be so happy!

Here in Japan, we should be the same...I love the idea of Olympic fever and getting pumped to cheer for your country! Heck, we do it in Canada during the Summer Olympics and we suck at summer sports! Ha ha! Realistically, Japan can expect one or two gold medals...and then 4 or 5 silver and 3 or 4 bronze for a total of around 10.

Here is a chart some professional prognosticator made up with the predictions for this Olympics...
olympic predictions
I think this prediction might be a bit low for Japan...Japan should pull off around 10 medals total. But nowhere near the 18-20 that the Japanese announcer was predicting! (He should be tested to see if he was on some 'herbs' before making that prediction! Ha ha!) I also think he's got Norway too high and US too low, but I agree with his top 4 countries-just maybe not in that order...

What do you think? How many medals can Japan win in Russia?

Have a great day!

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