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Good morning everyone,

Well, I hope you enjoyed the great weather yesterday, because it's not going to be very nice for the next three days or so. The clouds will roll in tonight and we'll even see some rain late in the evening, then we can expect rain or snow tomorrow morning, rain or snow on Wednesday and cloudy skies with a  chance of rain or snow on Thursday. The high for today is 11C and then for the next 3 or 4 days will be around 7C or 8C.

I've decided to stop telling my students about my bicycle being stolen-instead of getting sympathy, all I got were questions and advice, suggesting that somehow it was my fault that it got stolen. I'm not sure whether it's a cultural thing or a language thing, but in English, when somebody has something serious happen to them , we don't give them advice unless they are family members or best friends. All we do is sympathize:

Mr. Smith: What's up? You're looking a bit down in the dumps.

Jerry: My bicycle was stolen last night.

Mr. Smith: What?!  Your new bike? Where from?

Jerry: From my building's bicycle parking area.

Mr. Smith: That's terrible! (or That sucks! Don't say, "Too bad"-it's a different meaning) Did you go to the police?

Jerry:  Yeah, they said they'd look for it, but there's a less than fifty-fifty chance they'll find it.

Mr. Smith: I guess so. My bicycle (or my friend's or relative's) was stolen and they never got it back either. (This sentence is to show sympathy-as in it happened to me or someone I know too). It's the most common crime in Japan. (This sentence is to show that it's not your fault-it can happen to anyone.)

...and so on. I thought Japanese people were supposed to be 'kind', but apparently not (of course I'm joking) because rather than sympathize with me or try to make me feel better, all they did was somehow make me feel worse! Ha ha!

Anyway, I went to Kanagaki Cycle and bought a new bike and got two new things on this one that weren't on the last one-a basket and self-powered light. I doubt I'll use the basket much, but it'll be there if I need (plus hopefully it'll make the bike less tempting to steal, because it won't look so "cool"...ha ha!) and my old bicycle light went through batteries like they were going out of style, so now with this one, I just flip the switch on the handlebar and it generates power from the tire, so I never have to buy batteries again.

And it was cheaper than the last one too, so hopefully it won't be that tempting for people with sticky fingers...
chevrolet bike 
What do you think?

The only things I  don't like about it are; it sits a bit lower than my last one, I  liked sitting up high because I could see (and be seen) better and this one only has 6 gears, so it isn't as fast and it weighs a ton! I guess it'll be good training for me!  Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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