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Well, we got a fair bit of rain last night, but today's weather is looking much better than they'd forecast. We'll see a mix of sun and clouds and a high of 8C although they are saying that we might get a sprinkling of snow in some areas. Tomorrow will be mostly sunny with a high of 9C and Thursday pretty much the same although it might be a bit cloudier. Race day (in Tokyo) is looking like a good day for running-a high of 8C and mostly sunny.

Do you think your phone is only good for searching for restaurants or shooting birds at pigs. Well think again!

Have you ever wanted to know how much radiation you’re surrounded by? Or to prove to your friends how many push-ups you’ve done? Or do you want to know where that random aircraft flying overhead is going? Here are a variety of iPhone apps that vastly expand the things you can actually do with your iPhone.

Geiger Camera

Apparently the iPhone camera can “see” various types of rays, such as ultraviolet and infrared. With this app, it can detect high amounts of radiation in 30 seconds, while taking 1+ hours for lower amounts. In those cases, they say you might want to plug in the recharger because it would probably be a good idea to wait somewhere safer if you're worried about this kind of thing...

Instant Heart Rate

With this app, you use the camera on your iPhone to measure your heart rate. By placing your finger on the camera, it takes about 10 seconds to give you a reading.


Unlike other drum apps, with TableDrum you don’t need to tap on the iPhone’s screen. You can set it to match the different the sounds of the different things you're tapping, so your desk can be the bass and your coffee mug can be the snare-how cool is that?! It even matches the intensity of the sounds of your taps.

FlightRadar24 Pro

Ever wonder where the jet flying overhead is going? With this app, you can see the position of any airplane in the world on a map in real time. Actually, it uses the ADS-B tracking system which accounts for around 60% of all aircraft, 90% in Europe. 


This app lets you create a floor plan of your room just by taking pictures with your iPhone. It takes advantage of the iPhone’s landscape photo option, allowing you to stand in the middle of your room and rotate around, taking one long shot, with follow-up pictures to correct for errors. You can get your floor plan as JPG, PDF, or a web published version. Really?!   Can phones do this?! I'm so far out of touch!


No need to fret anymore about imperfect group photos. With this app, you can swap out the awkward faces/heads with the best head shots in the bunch to create a new image with everyone looking their best. What an awesome idea! I've often wished I could do this and now I can! Woo hoo!   Now I just need to find four friends to take pictures with...ha ha!

I had no idea my iPhone could do all of these things!  Those are some seriously cool apps! The only things I  use my phone for are chatting with my friends on social apps or killing time. Ha ha!

How about you? Have you found any cool and useful apps for your phone? I've got a few more saved up for a future blog (tomorrow's-if nothing interesting happens between now and then...ha ha!)

Have a great day!

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How interesting! Especially, a group shot app is the coolest for me.
Every year our family has a small ` battle' when choosing the best family shot for a new year card. So far I have been a winner (ha ha) ,but I know that my husband and our son must be frustrated.
So we would be all happy with this app !! Anyway I have to get an iphone first.... ( I am still a GARAKEI user!!)

Re: No title

Why am I not surprised that you always win!? Ha ha!