Miracle in Bali

Good morning everyone,
Yesterday was freezing! I don't care what the weatherman or the thermometer said-yesterday 'felt' so cold! I don't know if it was because of the cold wind or because the air was so damp, but it was pretty hard to drag myself out for a run! I did...eventually, but it wasn't fun! Ha ha! Today should be warmer and it'll slowly warm up all week and by the beginning of next week we could see highs in the mid-teens! That's right!  They're calling for a high of 14C on Tuesday next week! Also, the weather will be dry for a while-there's no rain in the forecast at all!

In all of the Olympics hype, one news story is sort of passing under the radar. The story of the 7 Japanese women who were scuba diving in Bali when they all went missing. At first I couldn't wrap my mind around how so many people could just disappear, but I guess it happens-diving is not a sport for the faint of heart. And after the search was called off the first night due to darkness,  I wrote them off as dead and suspected that their bodies would never be found.

Then, two days later I  read that 5 of the divers had been found! What an amazing turn of events, I thought! Apparently, one diver was found over 20kms from the original diving site and after she was found, she helped the rescuers find the other four. The five women were apparently suffering from severe sunburn, dehydration and some minor cuts and scrapes, but otherwise all were in good shape.
japanese divers
I wondered, as did many other people who weren't glued to the Olympics, whether the other two divers would be found...

And this is where the information gets a bit sketchy...some reports were made that the body of a Japanese diver was found wearing a similar suit to the one's worn by the survivors and it was assumed that it was one of the missing divers. But the search continued for the other missing diver..

Then, I read in the news this morning that they had, in fact, found the other two divers safe and sound-of course they were suffering from exposure and dehydration and were expected to spend a day or two in hospital but otherwise were none the worse for wear from their experience...I haven't been able to confirm this story yet through another source, but if it's true...Wow! It would be a miracle, don't you think!? I hope it's true...but there isn't a lot of information to be found (in  English anyway) to confirm or deny the reports...

I'm guessing the hardest part of their story will start from now and will be the hounding they receive by the rabid Japanese reporters who will greet them when they arrive back in Japan (can you guess that I'm not a big fan of Japanese reporters? Or reporters in general, regardless of what country their from...ha ha!). The last thing they need to do is give a press conference, if you ask me...their story will slowly come out, I'm sure. And we'll get to hear the harrowing tale of their dive and the two or three days that passed before they were rescued-I'm sure some Hollywood director is already thinking about a movie!  Ha ha! But, before that, let's give them some time to recover-physically, mentally and emotionally, before we pester them for answers about what happened...

Anyway, I hope the stories are true and they're all ok and can make it back to Japan and reunite with their loved ones as soon as it's safe to do so!

Have a great day!

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