Cutting Calories

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was kind of the same as Tuesday for me-they said it was going to warm and when I looked outside it 'looked' warm, but when I actually went out, it was pretty darn cold! Today and tomorrow will both see highs of 10C and mostly sunny skies and then the mercury will continue to climb until we see a high of 16C by the middle of next week! There really isn't any rain in the forecast it's shaping up to be a nice week.

If you're like me, you love to eat ice cream (any flavor), chocolate, and cake. I don't really like 'sweets' so much. Huh? I know. I know. For Japanese people-ice cream, chocolate and cake are sweets. But for English speakers, 'sweets' usually means those hard candies that you suck on.

Anyway, put a cup of ice cream in front of me and it'll be gone before you can say "That's about 250 calories that you don't really need." Ha ha!

Well, I found an ice cream treat that won't make me feel so guilty-it only has 80 calories-and it isn't just about the calories either! It's made by Glico and it's called, 'Calorie Control Ice Cream'.
calorie cut ice cream

It doesn't have any sugar in it either and it's also got a base of tofu so there are other health for the taste...well, it isn't Godiva or Haagen Dazs, but it'll definitely satisfy your ice cream craving without any of the guilt that usually accompanies indulging in a big treat...

And it comes in a few different varieties too!
calorie cut sundae
So far I've only tried the chocolate and strawberry sundae flavours, but I'll give the basic ice cream ones a shot as well (but not 'Rum Raisin'-I have no idea who decided that those two flavours were a good combination for ice cream)...ha ha!

I'm not sure if I'll try the 'Monaca' ice creams either...they're not really my taste...but I may try one just for research purposes...ha ha!
calorie cut monaka
Oh...and if you enjoyed the ice cream, you can also give the 'Calorie Control Curry' a shot as well...
calorie cut curry

If you try it, let me know how it was!

Have a great day!

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