A good samaritan!

Good morning everyone,

Did Mother Nature forget about spring?! It was snowing last week and when I look at the forecast for next week, it's getting warmer and warmer! By next Friday, they are calling for a high of 17C! 17C!! WTH! That's early June weather in Canada! It's 10C today in Tokyo and it'll be 11C tomorrow for the race..in Hiroshima, it's a degree or two warmer...

So, you know how Japan is a country full of bicycle thieves? Well, apparently there is one good samaritan here as well. On Thursday night I got a call from Kanagaki Cycle saying that someone had called them and that my bike was parked in front of their house! It was in Kogo near the power station about halfway between Koi and Alpark.

I went to the guy's house Friday morning before work and picked up my bike! The guy was retired and super-friendly. He had even taken my bike into his garage so that it wouldn't be re-stolen. I gave him some cakes from Cha-no-wa to say thanks for his kindness and got on my bike and rode away.

There wasn't any real damage to the bike. The thief had adjusted the handlebars so they were a bit crooked (I'm guessing he or she was drunk so they seemed straight at the time! Ha ha!) and they stole the light off my bike. They will be in for a shock when they realize that they will probably spend more in batteries then they would have for a new light! Ha ha! Serves them right! Karma's a bitch, eh?!

Other than that, all things are fine with the bike. Now I have two bikes-luckily I didn't get the same bike again, so I can use one for riding to and from work and I'll use the other whenever I want to go shopping, because it has a basket.

Thanks to the one-ONE-good samaritan in Japan and I'm still keeping my eye out for the person who originally stole my bike.

Oh, and I went to the police station after I picked up my bike and I thought they might give me a lecture for picking it up first without contacting them, but they didn't seem fussed at all. They just asked me to fill out the paperwork and that was that.

Which reminds me-it's a bit strange that police officers don't introduce themselves in Japan or give us (victims) a copy of the paperwork...why not?

Anyway, have a great day!

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