I did it!

 Good afternoon everyone,

Sorry, today's blog will be short-I brought my iPad and made sure I charged it before I came. However, I forgot to charge the keyboard, so it takes forever to type.

Anyway, it'll be nice today with blue skies and a high of 12C. Tomorrow will be the nicest day of the week-we can expect a high of 15C and mostly sunny skies. It'll be warm all week, but from Wednesday it'll be cloudy with a chance of rain basically everyday. 

So, I ran the Tokyo Marathon today! Just in case you haven't read my blog for...like...the last month or so! Ha ha! And it went solo much better than Osaka. It's not any knock against Osaka, there were good and bad points about both marathons. What I mean is that, I ran so much better! 

When end I started, I was only about two minutes behind the leaders-I got to hear the starters pistol and former PM Mori's speech and when I crossed the start line, the confetti was still falling!

it made such a huge difference! I didn't have to spend the first half of the race dodging slower runners, so my legs were still feeling fine at the end of the race. And both of my big toes were ok-of course they hurt (and still do)! But I still 'hit the wall'. Hitting the wall is what long-distance runners feel when they reach the limit of running. It's like when a car runs out of gas, I still felt fine-my legs were ok and  I wasn't out of breath, but I just couldn't keep up my pace...luckily it didn't happen till I got to the 36km mark, so only the last 5kms or so were hell! Ha ha!

Anyway, tomorrow's blog might be a bit short too!

Have a good day!

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v-315Congratulations on your completion of a full-distance marathon, Jerry!!

My husband and I watched Tokyo Marathon on TV, and we were trying to find you . But we gave up because the course was full of people . According to the news,there were as many as 35,000 runners took part in !? Incredible!!
Anyway,I'm glad that you did it!!

Re: No title

Thanks! Now that a few days have passed, I can say it was fun! But if you had asked me on Monday morning, I would have said, "Never again!". Ha ha!