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It's looking like this warm weather is going to stick around a bit longer-the next three days will all see temperatures between 13C and 15C and sunny weather (with some clouds). Wednesday is looking like rain and then it'll cool down at the end of the week with highs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday all hovering between 8C and 10C.

I saw in the news today that 36 people were hospitalized last year due to walking or cycling with their smartphones. I bet that number is low. I'm sure there are a ton of other people who were injured because they were using their phones, but didn't want to admit it. I almost added one more yesterday morning when some guy walked right in front of me with his nose buried in his phone-he was completely oblivious to the world.

So, are you a Harry Potter fan? Probably-if you're Japanese. Japan is the second largest market for Harry Potter books and items. There are more Harry Potter fans in Japan then there are in England, where the story originated! And if owning the books, seeing the movies and having some Harry Potter stuff isn't enough to make you happy, this might...
 harry potter1

The Harry Potter Park is opening at USJ this summer! Actually, it'll be called the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter". I can't find an official opening date-maybe only fan club members can get that info.
harry potter wizarding poster
I'm not a Harry Potter fan at all-I read one of the books when they first came out to see what all of the excitement was about. I enjoyed it, but it is definitely for kids and I couldn't really get into the story like a lot of other people. Having said that, the amusement park looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

It'll be the second one in the world (the first one opened in Orlando in 2010) and will include Hogwarts (the school they went to)...
 harry potter hogswart

Hogwarts Express (the special magical train kids took to get there)...
 harry potter hogswart express

Hogsmeade (the local village that magical kids went to to buy things they needed like wands, pets, etc...)...
harry potter hogsmeade 

What do you think? Will you check it out? I might...I've never been to USJ or Disney World (in Japan), so maybe it's time I went...besides, the 'adults' who are dragged their by their loved ones, can enjoy a glass of 'butterbeer'...I hope it's real beer! 
harry potter butterbeer 
It looks pretty real to me...and the only place in Japan you will be able to buy it is at USJ...whenever it opens...does anybody know the opening date?! 

Have a great day!

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