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Good morning everyone,

The good news is that there is no more rain in the forecast-at least for the next few days. It'll be mostly sunny with a  few clouds thrown in for the next week or so as well. The only bad news is that temperatures will continue to be below normal. At this time of year, we can usually expect highs around 14C, instead we'll see lows around 0C and highs of 10C. It may not sound like much of a difference, but it sure feels like it when you're riding to and from work in the early morning or late evening.

So, do you know what we need? I don't know about you, but I  need a holiday! In fact, we all do. Or that's what the government thinks anyway.

The government is now discussing a bill to add another national holiday to the Japanese calendar. Currently, we've got 15 national or statutory holidays...
January 1: New Year’s Day
January 13: Coming of Age Day
February 11: Foundation Day
March 21: Vernal Equinox Day
April 29: Showa Day
May 3: Constitution Memorial Day
May 4: Greenery Day
May 5: Children’s Day
July 21: Marine Day
September 15: Respect-for-the-Aged Day
September 23: Autumnal Equinox Day
October 13: Health and Sports Day
November 3: Culture Day
November 23: Labour Thanksgiving Day
December 23: The Emperor’s Birthday
Apparently, the government doesn't think that's enough...they want to add one Canada we get 10...pretty soon you'll have twice as many as us!  Ha ha! Japanese people are so lazy!  Ha ha!

Can you guess what they want to celebrate or observe on the next holiday?

Well, let's see, we already observe days for children and old people.

And we celebrate the ocean (Marine Day), and the forests (Greenery Day)...I know!  Why not celebrate the mountains?!
  mountain day

They cover 73% of the land in Japan, how is it that we haven't created a day for them sooner?!  That's right. The government is currently mulling introducing a Mountain Day. 

Personally, I think they should introduce an English Teacher's Appreciation Day...but that's just me...

If they pass the bill, it'll be approved from January 1st, 2016 and will fall on August 11th. I guess it makes sense...August looks so lonely without a national holiday of its own, eh? Only June and August don't have holidays at the much longer will June have to wait to get a national holiday...I wonder...

Have a great day!

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