Things I don't need (but secretly want)...

Good morning everyone,

Well, the weather is looking like it will continue to be below seasonal norms for the next 5 or 6 days. It won't be till next Wednesday that we see the temperatures climb into the mid-teens again. There is still no rain in the near future...but who knows, it actually rained a bit on my way to work this morning,,,even though it was sunny!

Well, as companies are wont to do, they have come up with some more stuff that we don't really need...

Super Mario Bros Hi-chew
things-super mario
Now, I love Hi-chew candies...we have similar ones back home. Their called 'Fruitella' and I've always loved them. But do we need Super Mario Bros. ones? What flavour would they be? Turtle flavored? Ha ha!

Hello Kitty + Playboy
things-hello kitty
Ahh...Hello Kitty=cute. Playboy=sexy. Would these two companies make a good couple? Well, somebody thought so, and I'm sure they'll make millions of dollars off of it...but none of it will be mine! Cute and sexy don't usually go together for me. Cute is for babies and pets, not ladies.

Sushi Tongs
things-sushi tongs
Have you ever wanted to make 'nigiri' sushi at home, but couldn't get the shape of the rice just right? I mean 'chirashi' sushi and 'maki' sushi are easy, right? But 'nigiri' sushi is always falls apart. Not anymore, with these amazing tongs...and they're kind of cute too, eh? Ok...maybe not for me...

Yoshi Nintendo DS
things-yoshi DS
Sorry DS fans, you can't get this one here in Japan. It's only available in US and Canada. But I'll pick one up for you, if you'll only cost you $50 delivery service...ha ha!

Well, with the tax going up, everything will be a bit more expensive, right? It's annoying for us consumers, however it must be even more difficult for companies that can't really bump their prices one yen at a time like vending machines or 'gachapon' machines. So, what can you do? Make them cooler, bigger and jack the price up even more! Genius! Ha ha!

Fauchon Cakes
things-fauchon cakes
Admittedly, these look cool and tasty...I'm tempted, but I'm guessing the price is out of this world. Besides, I've now gone a week without sugar and have to admit that I'm feeling pretty darn good about myself! (for some of you that may sound easy, but for me, just going a day without sugar is an accomplishment-but a week!? That's amazing for me! And I don't feel so sleepy in the afternoons these days...maybe all of those people telling us to cut down on sugar are right...)

Well, some of them are cool, some are cute, one is sexy and looks so delicious...but none of them will be tempting me to spend my hard-earned money! Ha ha!

How about you?

Have a great day!

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