The dream isn't over...

Good morning everyone,

Well, I don't know about you, but I've just about had enough of this cold weather. I know. I know. In about 3 months I'll be praying for cooler weather, but right now I just can't drag myself out for a run anymore when it's so damn cold out! The rest of the week won't be much warmer...we might see the temperatures get over the average for this time of year (13C) by the middle of next week! Of course, those warm(ish) temperatures will bring rain with them...

So, how many of you secretly wanted to be a member of AKB48, but felt you were too old. Heck, anyone in highschool was practically too old! ha ha! I swear that half of them look like they're barely out of diapers! ha ha!
Well, if you are one of the many who believe you can make it in the music biz (slang for business), now is your chance...sorry guys, not you...only the ladies...

The production team that manages the most famous/popular/successful female pop idol group in Japan is opening up a spot for the 'older' ladies.

That's right! The only criteria are; you have to be a woman (sorry guys) and over 30-and there's no upper age limit! You can be married or single. An amateur singer or a professional musician. It doesn't matter.

The only downside is that no matter who gets the spot, they've already been given a nickname by the media, 'juku-doru' which means 'ripe idol'. I'm not sure about the translation. In English, to describe a woman as 'ripe' isn't very flattering. Is it more positive in Japanese? Or is it as bad as it sounds in English? Ha ha!

If there are any wannabe 'ripe idols' out there, you'd better get going, they are accepting applications till March 28th and then they will announce the winner on April 12th.

Actually, Yasushi (the producer of AKB48 is Yasushi Akimoto-we're on a first-name basis) I can save you a lot of time and money-I've already found your next member. Give me a call and I'll hook you up with, it...ha ha!
Have a great day!

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