Racism in Japan

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Luckily, the rain was only light on the way home last night, but unfortunately it's going to continue longer into today than they had first forecast. It looks like it could rain most of the day now...and it'll be coolish too. We can expect a high of 12C today and tomorrow and then it'll creep up to 14C on Saturday and 15C on Sunday. The weekend is still looking nice, but now they are calling for highs of 20C on both Monday and Tuesday! Really?! That's amazing! Hopefully that weather will continue until the middle of the June! Ha ha!

Did you hear about the banner that was hung at a recent Urawa Reds soccer match?
japanese only
And the worse part is, that is just the tip of the iceberg. I typed in "Japanese only" on Google to find that picture and there were literally thousands of pictures of signs in Japan in shops that said "Japanese only". Have you ever seen a shop in Canada that said, "Canadians only" or in America that said "Americans only"? I doubt it!

It's actions like those that give countries a bad image. And it's too bad because they are usually just a small, vocal minority, but their behaviour affects everybody. I read an editorial about it in a Japanese newspaper and the beginning of the editorial was great! He started to say that we should stamp out these acts of racism as they are appearing to grow more and more with the hate speech in the cities and now this sign at a very public football match. His analogy was pretty accurate too-he said that Japanese people cannot ignore a broken pane of glass, even if it is a small one, because one broken pane will lead to another and then another and then the next thing you know, the house will be demolished. I completely agree with him. It may seem like a small thing now, but if the average Japanese person doesn't stand up to it, it'll get worse and worse.

However, he ended the editorial by stating that the punishment for the guys who did it (and they know who did it) shouldn't be too severe as it'll hurt 'free speech'. He lost the point there-'free speech' does not include discrimination of any sort-racial, gender, religious, etc comments are not protected under 'free speech'.

I think the JFA (Japan Football Association) should punish the team severely to make a point. I think something similar to punishments that have been handed out in Europe for similar racist comments-like making the team play in front of an empty stadium-would be an effective deterrent.

As a foreigner living in Japan, I've experienced racism on a number of occasions and most of the time I just chalk it up to ignorance and brush it off, but these types of actions-ones by groups of people are far more serious and need to be dealt with at a political level. I'd like to see one-just one-politician condemn the discriminatory banner that was posted at the stadium. But I'd be better off wishing to win the lottery, because there's probably a better chance of that happening! Ha ha!

Have a great day! And be nice to foreigner today! It's not always easy to live in a mono-cultural country! ;)

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Those who act or support racial discrimination seem to be frustrated and dissatisfied with their own life.
So I suppose that " hate speech" or "hate action" can be one of their stress relief method. But , of course, this "method" is nothing more than a harm not only for foreigners they dislike but also for themselves. After all, no one will be happy.
Well , why don't they come to Urban English School to get rid of such a nagative thinking ?
We will welcome everybody even from the outer space(I mean another planet)!? ha ha!