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I don't know about you, but I was a bit tired might have been the earthquake that woke me up...and I was expecting it to be a bit warmer too. They are saying it'll get up to 14C today and then the first half of next week will see highs around 20C! But don't put your sweaters away quite yet-by next Friday, the high will be back down to 12C...

Before I get to today's list, I have to mention about the 'racism' thing again. However, in a good way this time. The president of the JFA threw the book at the Urawa Reds and have forced them to play one home game in front of an empty stadium. Wow! I never would have predicted such a clear and decisive result. So, kudos to him! And kudos to the fans in Yokohama who made a banner that said, "Give Racism the Red Card". Maybe this public incident will make people here realize that racism does exist in Japan.

Today's list is a bit subjective, I can we decide the top three hot springs? There are so many good ones in Japan. However, according to the people surveyed, here are the top three hot springs...

Just south of Tokyo, Atami in Shizuoka Prefecture is well-known as the place where feudal lords like Tokugawa Ieyasu visited to take a relaxing bath in the area’s many hot springs.

▼ The hot spring city of Atami

2014.01.10 2. atami top 3

Mentioned in the second oldest Japanese history book, Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture is well-established as a beach resort town with a huge number of hot springs.

▼One of the beachfront hot springs of Shirahama

2014.01.10 2. shirahama top 3

In the south, the Beppu hot springs in Oita Prefecture is famous for the many varieties of mineral baths and the town discharges the largest amount of hot spring water in Japan.

▼Beppu hot springs

2014.01.10 2. beppu top 3

So, there you have it...the top three hot springs in Japan. I don't know about you, but I'd definitely consider a hot spring or two in Akita (maybe I'm biased because I was enjoying the outdoor bath with an Akitabijin (don't tell my mom!) Ha ha!) Or how about Dogo Hot Springs? Apparently, Emperors in the past have used the baths there. That has to count for something doesn't it?

What would be your top three?

Have a great day!

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