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Well, I might have been spoiled by the warm weather at the beginning of the week, but it felt cold out there yesterday. And today is going to be even colder. At least it shouldn't rain today. Tomorrow will be sunny and a bit warmer and then we can expect the warm weather to return on Monday with sunny skies and a high of 18C.

For a country where castles are a dime a dozen, anyone could argue about which castles are the best, but about 8% of people wanted to visit these three in particular.

Rebuilt in 1960, Kumamoto Castle still has some of the original wooden buildings on site from its more than 500 year history.

▼ Kumamoto Castle

2014.01.10 no. 8 kumamoto castle top 3

Much of Nagoya Castle was destroyed in World War II when it was used as a POW camp administration office, it still remains an important part of history for the former castle town in Nagoya.

▼ Nagoya Castle

2014.01.10 no. 8 nagoya castle top 3

And although Himeji Castle in Hyogo Prefecture was damaged by bombing in WWII and the 1995 Hanshin Earthquake, it is mostly intact and is the most visited castle in Japan thanks to extensive restoration.

▼ Himeji Castle

2014.01.10 no. 8 himeji castle top 3

Actually, I've only been to one of these-Himeji Castle. And it was spectacular. I've been to a ton of castles in Japan-too many to mention! And this one really stood out. The other ones I've visited had only the main castle and a building or two remaining. However Himeji still had so many buildings (most of them rebuilt) that you could imagine what it would have been like to try and attack it.

I've never had any desire to go to Nagoya. I just figured it was a Toyota factory town with no culture (no offence meant to any Nagoyans out there), but now that I know it has one of the top three castles in Japan, I might try to find some way to go and check it out.

Have you been to all three? Can you convince me that there's a better castle to visit in Japan than Himeji? Definitely not Hiroshima Castle! It's ok from the outside, but don't bother paying the (outrageous) entrance fee. There's nothing inside!

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v-319I've been some catles, but not Himeji yet. Because this castle is said to be haunted .v-39 The Mimeji castle ghost used to be an architect . He was killed by his master who wanted to prevent leaking of secret imformation of the castle builing. Scary, isn't it?
Do you have similar stories back home, Jerry?

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Junko-actually, we do. Well, the story isn't similar, but there is a castle in Toronto called Casa Loma which many ghost hunters claim to have seen or heard ghosts...