Top 3 Sacred Places

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It's another chilly morning out there, but it should warm up today. We can expect mostly sunny skies and a high of 14C-not too bad for this time of year. However, Sunday will get up to 18C! In fact, we can expect highs in the high teens for most of next week! That'll be great! I'm tired of shivering when I'm stretching before my runs in the mornings! Ha ha!

Sometimes when I'm running I feel like I should swing by a sacred or holy place to pray for more speed, but I have no idea where any are in Hiroshima? I guess Mt. Misen? Of course all temples are technically holy...but I was thinking of something a little more natural...

Sacred, holy or just plain haunted, these three places in Japan are said to be very active with the supernatural realm and about 7% of respondents wanted to experience all of them.

Known as the gateway to hell, Mt. Osore, or Dread Mountain, is a spooky-looking caldera volcano in a very remote part of Aomori Prefecture.

▼ View from the top of Mt. Osore

2014.01.10 no. 9 mount osore top 3

And on the border of Kyoto and Shiga prefectures, Mt. Hiei is known from ancient folklore as the home of gods and demons, but is also the actual home of one of the most significant monasteries of Japan, Enryaku-ji.

▼ Mt. Hiei from Lake Biwa

2014.01.10 no. 9 mount hiei top 3

Just south of Osaka, Mt. Koya in Wakayama Prefecture is home to a buddhist university and more than 100 temples that host pilgrims who want to experience the life of a monk.

▼ A road on Mt. Koya

2014.01.10 no. 9 mount koya top 3

To be honest, none of these places are that tempting for me. Don't get me wrong-I'm definitely a spiritual person. I like to believe that there is a a god (or gods) out there that, mostly because the alternative is too scary to think about! ha ha! But I think you can find a spiritual place wherever you want. Some people find it in silence and personal reflection. Others find it in social company. To each their own, I say. And I don't think I need to go anywhere special to experience it...if others do, I understand. As for me, I prefer to find my solace in a good glass of beer, the love in a woman's eyes and...hmmm...did I mention beer already? ha ha!

Have you been to any of these places? Are they worth it? The one in Aomori looks like it would be fun to visit...

Have a great day!

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