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The Three Great Gardens of Japan finished up our top 10 list with about 7% of people wanting to visit the trio of famous gardens.

In Kanzawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Kenrokuen is most famous for the oldest continually functioning water fountain in Japan.

▼Kenrokuen after a snowfall

2014.01.10 no. 10 kenrokuen ishikawa top 3

Kairakuen, in Ibaraki Prefecture, is unique for its status as the only one of the top three built for the public, not for a ruling lord.

▼ Kairakuen

2014.01.10 no. 10 kairakuen ibaraki top 3

And Kourakuen in Okayama was heavily damaged from WWII bombing, but was restored soon after to its original beauty.



Now that you know ten of Japan’s most famous “top 3” lists, which trio of famous sites would you most like to visit?

And these are just the most famous of 'top 3' lists. Just yesterday in class, my students were telling me about the 'top 3' shrines in Hiroshima. I've lived here for almost 7 years and I'd never heard of that list before (and to be honest, I've only ever heard of one of the shrines on the list too...oops...sorry.) Do you know the 'top 3' shrines in Hiroshima? I'll give a free newspaper to the first student who can tell me what they are! Ha ha!

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