Plenty of vacancies...

Good morning everyone,

Was that enough rain for you? It certainly was for me! I reckon it'll take at least a week for my shoes to dry out! Ha ha! The good news is that today and tomorrow are going to be fantastic! Both days will see highs in the low 20s and mostly sunny skies! The bad news is that the rain will be back by the weekend...

I read an article in the paper today that there are an amazing 7.5 million vacant houses in Japan. That is not a typo! There are as many vacant homes in this country as there are people in Canada's largest city! That's unbelievable! If you know anyone who has a vacant house in the Hiroshima City area, please tell them about me! I'll gladly take it off their hands!

I've had a few questions about the Hanami Party, so I figured I'd better post the details again.

We are having a Hanami Party (weather permitting)! 
 hanami party1
It'll be held on April 13th from 2-5ishin the afternoon next to Honkawa River (I know it's redundant to say 'kawa' and river, but Hon River just sounds strange). It'll be held on the river bank just behind the Children's Science Museum, about 200m or 300m past the old baseball stadium.

This year I'll supply food and drinks and the fee will be 2000 per person.

I was trying to think of some activities that were 'Hanami' related, but it seems like a typical Japanese Hanami Party is just about food, drinks and chatting under the cherry blossom trees...and this...?
hanami couple 
Ok...there won't be any of that going on at our party...ha ha! Does it happen at hanami parties?! I've never had the fortune...maybe I'm going to the wrong parties...ha ha! 

I might try to add an activity or two-maybe something 'Easter themed', because it's around Easter back home-but don't expect much. It's tough to find 'Easter' stuff in Japan. We can just enjoy sitting outside and soaking up the nice weather (I hope)...

If anyone has any great ideas for activities, please let me know! I'm open to anything (provided it's PG13-we will be outside after all...ha ha!)!

I need to know how many people are coming, so please let me know by noon on April 12th at the latest.

I'll collect the fee at the party.

Hope to see you there!

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