Hiroshima Uniqlo Carp

Good morning everyone,

Well, yesterday was nice and today will be just as nice. I may even have to put some sunscreen on before I go for my morning run! It'll be sunny all day and with a high of 21C, it'll be the perfect day to enjoy the Carp home opener! Not like last year when it was rainy and cold...Wednesday will see the temperatures drop down to a high of only 15C with cloudy skies. Then the rest of the week will see the weather stay in the mid to high teens and a mix of clouds and sun.

Speaking of the Carp, did you know that Tadashi Yanai, the founder of Uniqlo was a big Carp fan?
tadashi yanai
Well, he is. And he, like the rest of us, is tired of the Carp being the 'poor' team in Japan. So, after having successfully sponsored Kei Nishikori (Japanese tennis player) and Adam Scott (Australian golfer), he said that he will buy the Carp. He has decided to buy the team and make Uniqlo the main sponsor instead of the stingy, cheap owners we've got now.

In an interview, Yanai stated that he would keep the team's colours as red and white as they already match the colours of Uniqlo's brand, but that the team would be re-named, "Hiroshima Uniqlo Carp". It's kind of got a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
hiroshima carp tshirt1
And he said that his first order of business would be to find some good quality free agents to make the team relevant again.

Apparently, he has contacted Hideki Matsui, Daisuke Matsuzaka and a few other players who have been playing in the majors to come back and make the Carp a super-team! 
hideki matsui 
He looks good in red, doesn't he?! 

Will it be this year or next year, whichever it is, we can be sure of one thing...it'll be on this day...April 1st, also known as...April Fool's Day!

Yep, it's an April Fool's Day joke...sorry, we're stuck with the 'kecchi' owners of the Carp forever! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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