I slipped off the wagon...just a bit...

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was great-it was a bit chilly in the morning and the breeze was cool all day, but it was nice. Today is supposed to be even warmer...in fact, it'll get warmer and warmer all week...till the weekend. It's looking like Sunday will be cool and rainy...I'm hoping the forecast changes a bit, otherwise we might not be able to enjoy the cherry blossoms (or leaves...ha ha!).

So, today was 'spring cleaning' day. I opened all the windows in the house for the first time this year and gave everything a good scrubbing. It was hard. I found dirt that has probably been around since the winter! Ha ha! Anyway, it's pretty relaxing to sit around in a nice, clean room. We'll see how long it lasts...

After all my hard work, I decided it was time to treat myself. I went to Mr. Donut and had a coffee and a donut. The first coffee was really good, but the refill tasted like brown dishwater...

But that's not my point-I never really expect the coffee at Mr. Donut to be anything more than average at best. That way I'm never disappointed! Ha ha!

However, I ordered the new Mr. Croissant Donut. 
mr donut banner
Now, that will NOT disappoint you! I pretty much like all of the donuts that Mr. Donut has to offer. I usually stick with the 'Honey Old Fashioned' though. It's like me. Sweet and simple and a little 'old-fashioned'. Ha ha!

Today, I couldn't resist trying the Croissant Donut. It's been popular back home since last summer and many bakeries and donut shops back home are now offering their version of it. Mr. Donut is the first chain to bring it to Japan and, if you ask me, it's a roaring success.

They offer the donut in three flavors:

Chocolate and Custard
mr donut chocolate custard 

White Chocolate and Caramel
mr donut white chocolate caramel 

Maple and Whipped Cream
mr donut maple whipped cream

I tried the White Chocolate one, it was a toss-up between that one and the Chocolate and Custard one. If the other two taste anything like the White Chocolate one, I'll be going back for more-that's for sure!

It was everything you would expect. It was light and flaky like a croissant, but it held together much better than a croissant. I love croissants, but sometimes I feel like half of it ends up in my lap or spread all over the table. It's hard to look cool when you're spraying croissant bits within a 1 metre radius! Ha ha! This donut wasn't like that at all. If you're out and about, give the donut a try! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Have a great day!

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Looks so yammy!! I want to give it a try .
But not today, because today is my " no sweets day"-actually, I had been having sweets for the last one month.
So maybe next week or so? I 'm sure the Croissant Dounut won't dissapoint me.