How about that 5 yen coin?

Good morning everyone, about the rain...that wasn't my fault! They suddenly changed the forecast! So, the rain should stop before lunchtime today. Then it'll be cloudy tomorrow and rainy again on Sunday. They're still calling for nice weather starting from Monday...let's hope so!

Now, onto that funky colored 5 yen coin with the strange hole in the middle. What does it mean?

Tale of the tape
Diameter: 22mm (hole = 4mm)
Weight: 3.75g
60-70% Copper; 40-30% Zinc

This coin has a distinctive yellow coloring that’s made from the high content of zinc it possesses. This material combined with the widespread use of the coin provided a stable and easy way for researchers to measure radiation dosages indoors and out of all areas during the 1999 nuclear accident in Tokaimura. Bet you didn't know that?

Aside from its bright hues, this coin has a whole bunch of optimistic symbolism packed into it. On the heads side we can see horizontal lines representing water, from which a rice plant is emerging. Also around the hole (which we’ll get to when we talk about the 50 yen coin) are gear teeth. These symbolize Japanese agriculture, fisheries, and industry.

On the tails side there is also a pair of sprouts which is said to symbolize Japan’s growth into a democratic nation. Even the name in Japanese (go en) is synonymous with good connections and this coin is the first choice for making a wish at shrines or kept in a wallet for luck.

And, to think that some of my Japanese friends tried to convince me that the 5 yen coin was lucky because of the hole in the middle...either they were pulling my leg or they had no idea and were just guessing...what do you think?

Well, in my experience, Japanese people aren't that good at pulling people's legs and, at the same time, don't seem to know much about Japanese culture...probably they were just BSing...kind of like I do whenever people ask me about US or Australia or the UK...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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