Let me clear my throat...

Good morning everyone,

Apparently it was really nice weather yesterday...I couldn't tell you, because I barely stepped outside. In the morning I went to the supermarket and did my shopping and then after that, the closest I got to 'outside' was hanging my clothes on the balcony. Oh! That reminds me-I still haven't brought them in! Oops! If you leave your laundry out in Canada during the summer, you have to wait till around 10am before you can bring it back in because it's soaking wet. Any idea? No, we don't have rainy season. It's because the dew is so heavy. If you get up early enough, the grass feels like it rained! Anyway, back here in Japan...today, tomorrow and Friday will all be nice weather with sunny skies and temperatures in the low 20s. The weekend will see clouds roll in on Saturday and then rain on Sunday.

My throat is still killing me today-most of my lessons will be writing practice today I guess! Ha ha!

I've been going to Starbucks less and less recently. I'm not anti-Starbucks or anything like that. It's just that I tend to drink plain-old black coffee. And black coffee is really expensive at Starbucks. They want about $4-$5 for a cup (and that's the second smallest size!). That's a bit too much for me, especially when I can go to Doutour and get a cup of coffee-albeit a slightly smaller one-for only $2.50.

Where Starbucks shines is in its specialty coffees. There isn't another shop in Japan that can compare with the variety of flavours available to choose from at a Starbucks. Pretty soon the menu is going to be thicker than a phone book! Ha ha!

What flavour have they whipped up for this summer?

It's called the "Crunchy Cookie Frappuccino".
starbucks frappucino

It looks awesome! And who can turn their nose up at a sweet milky frozen dessert with a cookie crumbled up inside! Not me!

Of course, the one problem with coming up with all of these special coffees is that they stop resembling coffee at some point. There isn't any coffee in this drink at all! I suppose you could add a shot of espresso for around 50 cents or so, at least that way you could say you were drinking coffee...ha ha!

And this is why I don't go to Starbucks for a regular coffee-like I mentioned earlier, a coffee will set you back about $5, but this 'Crunchy Cookie Frappuccino' will cost you $5.50. Does that make sense to anybody? Certainly not to me.

So, Starbucks has become my 'specialty coffee' shop and seeing as I drink those funky coffees about once every 3 or 4 months, I'm not exactly a steady customer, am I? Besides, the frozen coffees at SBC are way better! The ones at Starbucks always have chunks of ice in the bottom that clog up the straw. At SBC, you enjoy your frozen coffee treat to the last drop!

Which are you? A regular coffee drinker like me, who goes to Doutour or St. Marc's (another cheap coffee shop) or do you like those funky flavoured coffees offered at Starbucks, Tully's and SBC?

Have a great day!

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