So, this guy from America came to Japan and...

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was so nice! And today, tomorrow, and Saturday are going to be pretty much the same-it'll actually slowly get warmer each day, till we see a high of 25C on Saturday. Then the clouds and rain will roll in on Sunday, stick around for Monday and start to clear up on Tuesday. The rain will bring cooler weather too as temperatures will dip down to the high teens on Sunday and Monday.

Have you heard of some guy called Barack Obama? Well, he's visiting Tokyo at the moment and it seems like a pretty big deal...ha ha!
obama visit-airplane
He flew into Haneda Airport (I wonder if the people trying to promote Narita as "Japan's International Airport" were ticked off or not!) and then was given a police escort of about 20 cars (it could have been more-I stopped counting at 15) to Ginza. Oh yeah, and the toll road that runs through Tokyo was closed BOTH WAYS for him. Who does he think he is? The President of the United States? Oh...well...yeah...maybe he is...

In Ginza, he met up with some other guy called Shinzo Abe. 
Obama visit-sushi
He seemed like kind of a big deal too...they went to the World's Best Sushi Shop and dropped a cool $300 per person on a 20-course sushi dinner. I wonder who footed the bill? Probably us...technically...ha ha! (You know...our tax dollars hard at work...) To be honest, I'm one of the few people who wouldn't complain about the cost of that bill being covered by tax dollars. Entertaining the President of the United States is a BIG deal and it's worth a lot more money to us in terms of trade and security than a lousy $300. Heck-if they need help covering cheque, they can call me!

I'm so glad I'm not living in Tokyo right now though. Like I said, it's great that he's here and it's important for the safety and security of the region that Japan and the US maintain good ties. However, it must be a nightmare in Tokyo at the moment. Streets are closed. Highways are closed. People can't use the lockers at any train or subway station in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.
obama visit-lockers 

And the unkindest cut of all (that's an expression taken from Shakespeare)-Tokyo's vending machines are all shut down during President Obama's visit. That means that people won't be able to fill their morning coffee craving without popping into a convenience store!
 obama visit-vending machines
And where will all of the pervs get their hands on ladies used underwear for the next couple of days? Ha ha! On the other hand, the city will probably use half as much electricity as usual..ha ha!

Have you heard of any other inconveniences caused by Obama's visit?

Have a great day!

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