Tuesday in Fukuoka

Good morning everyone,

Well, the weather is great, isn't it? I'll be going out for a run later today-it'll be the third day in a row. It's not much of a streak, but there was about 9 days that I didn't run for various reasons, so getting back in the habit was hard. The fact that the weather has been nice has definitely helped. And it'll stay nice for all of Golden Week for a change! Highs will be in the low to mid 20s and skies will be mostly sunny all week!

Speaking of running...that's what I did in Fukuoka on Tuesday before breakfast! It was great! Luckily the rain had stopped so I didn't have to worry about getting soaked and I set off from my hotel around 6am.

At the front desk there was a tired, drunk girl trying to get a room and she was not in a good mood. She was being a bit rude to the staff as well. Then the staff gave her a form to fill out and while she was filling it out, I asked the clerk if I needed to turn right or left to get to the park-it was called Ohori Park I believe. Anyway, the question and answer took a total of about 1 minute and the drunk lady was practically shouting by the time she had finished filling out her form. The poor clerk shot me an apologetic look and I smiled and winked to let her know it was ok and then headed off!

The first kilometre or so was pretty boring-just running through downtown and past the red light district-there were still some touts working! I guess that meant business was either really, really good or really, really bad...ha ha! I was thinking about getting a massage on my way back, but I have a feeling the type of massage I was looking for and the type of massage they were offering were two different things! ha ha!

After I passed Tenjin Station, it became a lot nicer. The streets were tree-lined and wide and about another kilometre later I got to Ohori Park. Now, that is what I call a running course. There's a cute little lake...or big pond...in the middle of the city that is exactly 2kms around and they made a running course out of it...it was so great! 
ohori park
I wanted to run around it twice but I didn't have time, because I wanted to get back to the hotel before all the good stuff for breakfast was gone! Ha ha! As it was, between getting there, running around the lake and getting back to the hotel, it was about 10km and I was sweating by the time I got back! It was really humid in the morning!

Actually I took a couple of pictures with my iPhone, but for some reason my phone and blog don't like each other...

Then there was breakfast, which you read about in yesterday's blog...or if you didn't, go back and read it! You'll want to stay at Dormy Inn yourself, next time you plan on staying in Fukuoka (or any other major city in Japan).

After that, I met my friends again and we went and saw 'Cats' (the musical). I must have told a dozen Japanese friends and their responses ranged from 'katsu' to cats...like in a pet store or wild ones...I'm not sure why...but anyway...no, we didn't eat 'katsu' and we didn't go to any pet stores...just a musical. Anyway, at the musical...ahhh...you know what, let's save that story for another day...

Have a great day!

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