Good morning everyone,

Did any of you get caught in the rain last night? I was riding home from my post-race party when it started...luckily it wasn't too heavy. The good news is that it's pretty much done and will slowly clear up. By lunchtime it'll be sunny again. Tomorrow will also be warm and sunny! In fact, it'll get warmer and warmer as the week goes on until we reach a high of 25C on Thursday and Friday. Clouds will roll in on Friday and we may see some rain on the weekend...

Well, that's another race season finished and that means that I have the next three months to train properly for next season.

We were talking on the way back from the race and my friends want to do a full marathon every year...seriously!? I don't think my body was built for full marathons...ha ha! Yeah, I know I ran the Tokyo and Osaka Marathons this past season (the running season in Hiroshima is late September to early May-otherwise it's too hot), but I kind of figured they were just a one-off. Now, I have to think about training for one every year?! It makes me tired just thinking about it! Ha ha! But, I'm a team player so I'll sign up for a couple-this year I'll give Osaka a miss and apply for Kyoto and Tokyo. Unfortunately they're both the same month, so if, by chance, I get into both, I'll only choose one...

Yesterday after the race we went downtown for a drink. That wasn't a good idea. It was really busy every where! Because we were out in the middle of nowhere in Yamaguchi, we weren't really thinking about the Flower Festival and the Carp game both finishing around the same time. Downtown was packed!

Luckily we found a place and it was really good! Don't ask me what it's called...I could barely remember my name, let alone the name of the restaurant we were in! Ha ha!

The beer was cold, the sashimi was fresh and we even had a dish of a stewed fish me-it was much better than it sounds and looks! I don't know what it is called, but it's simmered in a sweetish sauce and the meat is so tender. Apparently the eyeballs are a delicacy, but when I refused to eat them, none of my Japanese friends did either...hmmm...I think it was one of those tests to see how gullible the foreigner was...ha ha! It as tasty-it was just a bit tough to eat something that was staring back at me...ha ha!
salmon head1
And I don't know what dressing they used, but the tofu salad was awesome-it was a kind of salty onion was perfect with the beer.

And that brings me to the unhealthy part of the meal...all the salad and fresh fish makes it sound like we ate a healthy meal and I suppose we did...however, that was offset by the copious amounts of beer we used to wash the meal down...ha ha!
lots of beer
And today...well, today will be housecleaning day and what I like to call 'Koisanpo' day-which means I won't leave Koi today!

How about you? Is anybody going to brave the crowds at Flower Festival on Children's Day? You won't find me there! Ha ha!

Have a great day whatever you do!

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