My staycation...

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday turned out pretty nice, although it was a bit cooler than I expected. I had to put my shorts away and throw on a pair of jeans. Today will be sunny and slightly warmer than yesterday-although shorts might still be a bit cool...ha ha! Then, it'll slowly warm up throughout the rest of the week before we see rain on the weekend again...

Except for those of you who work for Mazda or one of it's affiliated companies, this has been a shortish Golden Week-only 4 days.

That means that it was a bit hard to go anywhere...and, on top of that, the crowds make going places even more time-consuming. I saw on the news yesterday that there was a traffic jam somewhere near Tokyo that was 25km long! I couldn't imagine enduring that much traffic just to get out of town for a few days. I suppose Tokyoites must be used to it though, I saw another family that waited in line for 4 hours to buy pancakes...4 HOURS!? Seriously?!

Well, I'm making pancakes at our Spring BBQ Party and I promise you won't have to wait 4 hours for them! Ha ha!

Speaking of the Spring Party-it'll be on May 25th at the same place we usually go-along Honkawa just between Aoi Bridge and Jonan Dori. It's ¥2000 each and includes food and drinks. It'll start at 1:30pm and there'll be some activities-like a piñata and some other stuff that I haven't 100% decided on always, it'll be weather permitting so I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, back to my holiday...well, I didn't really go anywhere special or plan anything specific to do and that was ok with me. Sometimes it's a good thing. Those of you who don't work, won't understand, but having a staycation-which is a combination of 'stay' as in, stay at home, and vacation which usually means going somewhere-can be really relaxing. So, if we take a vacation and don't go anywhere, we call it a 'staycation'. Isn't English easy? Ha ha!
My staycation so far, has included the race in Yamaguchi (you are allowed to go places on a staycation, but you don't stay overnight), a trip to Midorii (by bicycle-not my smartest bum STILL hurts!) and yesterday I didn't make it past Koi Station. I had okonomiyaki-it was third or fourth time that I'd been to the same shop, but they still don't recognize me...ha ha! And then I stopped at Mr. Donuts for a cronut (although we can't call them 'cronuts' because only the shop that invented them have the rights to that name). Then, it was house-cleaning time. You know, all of those things you put off-like tying up the papers to be thrown out and vacuuming behind the sofa and dusting those hard-to-reach places...oh, yeah...very exciting stuff...NOT! But it was nice to get up this morning and see my apartment all neat and sparkly!

Have any of you had a staycation this Golden Week? (Housewives don't count-every day is a staycation for you! Ha ha!)

Have a great day!

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I like the word "staycation"!
We might be the same you and me.^^ ha ha