I survived...just barely...

Good morning everyone,

I don't know about you, but I still think it was a bit cool yesterday morning. Apparently it warmed up during the day, but I couldn't say for sure, because I didn't step outside of my school till the evening. Today, tomorrow and Saturday will all be slightly warmer and still sunny-although it'll get cloudy on Saturday. From Sunday, the weather will turn rainy and remain wet and dreary at least till the middle of next week...

I must be getting old or something. Normally whenever I have a holiday, I can arrive back at work ready and raring to go!

Yesterday however, I couldn't get in the swing of things at all. It didn't help that yesterday was really busy, so I never had a chance to catch my breath. My first class was at 9am and I basically worked straight through till 9pm.

As I was teaching the first lesson, I was thinking to myself, "Ok. Even though I had 4 days off, it doesn't feel like I missed a beat at all. I'm in the groove. This lesson is going so smoothly!". And then I looked at the clock and it was 9:03. Only 3 minutes had passed. What the heck?! Ok. Ok. I've got this. I ignored the clock for a while and concentrated on the student and the lesson and then after a bit I checked the clock to see if I should be wrapping up the lesson and it was...9:15. Ha ha!

After that, I never looked at the clock again all day! 

I also had my first 'shucho' lesson. Up till now, I've done them in the morning so they were easy. It just meant getting up a bit earlier. I figured it'd be a piece of cake. And it was pretty smooth, but doing it on the first day back after a holiday wasn't the best idea I've ever had! Ha ha!

I was beat last night when I got home!

Remind me to ease myself back into work next time I take a holiday-even if it was only a 'staycation'.

Now I understand what everyone means by 'Gogatsu-byo'! I've got it today for sure...Zzzzz! Ha ha!

However, when I was thinking that I had a bad day, I checked online and here are two people who had a way, way, way worse day than me...ha ha!

And this lady...
really bad day at work

You know...somehow, my day doesn't seem so bad anymore...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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