Genius marketing or bad management?

Good morning everyone,

Well, it was raining a bit when I was riding home last night and it looks like it still is at the moment. It should clear up and turn into a sunny day at some point this afternoon. Tomorrow and Saturday will also be nice with highs in the mid 20s and mostly sunny weather. Sunday is still looking pretty good too although it may get a bit cloudier...then from Monday it's a bit hard to predict at the moment.

As everyone who owns a computer knows (other than the 5% of people who use Apple), Windows decided to stop offering updates for Windows XP earlier this year.
windows xp 
 A lot of people were worried about their computers and therefore their personal information being hacked, so many people went out and bought new computers with the newest version-Windows 8.1. My computer at home had died at the end of last year, so I was already using it at home and my computer at work uses Vista so I figured I was ok for a year or two longer...
windows vista
Turns out I was wrong...Vista is probably the worst OS ever put out by Microsoft. I don't really use my computer for anything other than sending email, surfing the net and printing out the odd poster or two, so it hasn't been a problem for me so far. This is where it gets interesting...see if you can follow's confusing as heck...

I have Vista on my laptop and Vista is still supported by Microsoft so there is no need to update it at the moment, right? Well, sort see, Internet Explorer (which is also a Microsoft product) is now up to version 11. However, Vista can only run up to Explorer 9. Why is that a problem? Well, the problem is that many websites no longer run on Explorer 9, so I can't access them.

I would love to avoid buying a new computer for a year or two, so the best thing would be for me to update to Windows 7. Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems ever put out by Windows.
 windows 7
It is stable, secure and easy to use and it's easy to update from Vista...well, it used to be. The problem is that Windows 7 is a victim of its own success. You see, Windows 7 was so popular that when Microsoft released Windows 8.1, nobody wanted it on their home computers. (Windows 8.1 is great if you have a touchscreen on your computer, otherwise it's not very useful). Because Microsoft wanted to promote its new software, it decided to stop selling Windows 7, forcing people to buy Windows 8.1.
So, I can't use Vista to use the latest Internet Explorer, but I could if I updated my software to Windows 7. I can't buy Windows 7 anymore so I need to buy Windows 8.1. I can't buy Windows 8.1 because my computer doesn't have the hardware to run it (and it isn't a touch screen). The net result-if I want to continue to surf the internet I have to buy a new computer. Genius marketing? Bad management? me a cynic, but I definitely think they do it only to make us have to buy a new computer every 5 years or so...ha ha!

That puts a bit of a kink in my plans to save money this year...oh well, I guess it'll be rice, tofu and bean sprouts for a couple of months after I get back from Canada...

Have a great day!

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