5 a Day-the fun way!

Good morning everyone,

The good news is that everytime I check the forecast, the rain is delayed by a day. Now they are saying that this warm, sunny weather will continue through today and tomorrow. Tuesday will be the weirdest day this week-the high will be only 21C and it looks like it'll rain in the afternoon. Wednesday will see the weather return to a mix of sun and clouds and highs around 27C. In fact, other than Tuesday, everyday will be a mix of sun and clouds and a high of around 27C...ha ha!

When I was growing up, '5 a day' was a campaign put out by the government to promote people eating at least 5 portions of vegetables a day. Well, at our house eating vegies was never a problem-we always had tons of vegetables to eat. But the hard part was always trying to work out what the heck was a 'portion'. The British government came up this explanation; a "portion" is: two or more small-sized, one piece of medium-sized or half a piece of large fresh fruit; or two broccoli spears or four heaped tablespoons of cooked kale, spinach, spring greens or green beans; or three heaped tablespoons of cooked vegetables; or three sticks of celery, a 5 cm piece of cucumber, one medium tomato or seven cherry tomatoes; or three or more heaped tablespoons of beans or pulses.

Does that clear it up for you? Nope. Me neither. That is about as clear as mud! Ha ha!

I would, however, personally like to thank Haagen Dazs for making it easier for me to get to my '5 a day' requirement. I wonder how many portions of vegetables are in Haagen Dazs ice cream. What does Haagen Dazs have to do with vegetables, you ask?

haagen dazs campaign
And, not only are the main ingredients vegetables (yes, I think a tomato is a vegetable, I don't care what you say), but there are also fewer calories and about half the amount of fat as a typical cup of Haagen Dazs.

That's not all! One of my lovely students gave me some Haagen Dazs gift certificates, so I can try this funky new ice cream for free! If you are wondering where I will be today, wonder no more. I'll be at Fukuya buying (and eating) ice cream and getting at least one portion of vegetables today...ha ha!
haagen dazs gift_card_img01
..and I never turn up my nose at free ice cream!

Have a great day!

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