Sleepy in Hiroshima

Good morning everyone,

Unfortunately there wasn't a miraculous change to the forecast overnight-it's still gonna' rain today, starting sometime around teatime, I guess. The rain will continue overnight and into tomorrow morning, but I imagine it'll be done by the time most people head to work. The rest of the week is looking sunny and's looking a bit cloudy for Sunday, but no rain so far. That's perfect bbq weather for me!

Did anyone notice that I was a bit sleepy yesterday at work? Well, it's all my mom's fault. You see, my mom, dad, and I chat every Monday on Skype before work and I usually grab a coffee before we chat or between our chat and my first lesson. However, I couldn't yesterday because yesterday was 'recycling day' and that meant that I had to take my cans, bottles, newspapers and cardboard boxes out before work. Why can't Hiroshima introduce the 'blue box' system? (In Ontario, we use the 'blue box' system where people put all of their recyclables in a...well...a blue box...ha ha! The blue box is provided the government and we put our recycling in it (all of our recycling-cans, bottles, etc. together) throughout the week and then put it out once a week. Easy as pie!

Anyway, I didn't have time to have a coffee before we chatted, so I figured I could have one afterwards. No chance. My mom refused to let me get off the phone even 2 or 3 minutes early so I could get my morning jolt of coffee! Ha ha! And...seeing as we are on the topic...what else can I blame my parents for?

The fact that I love chocolate...well, that one is more on my grandma. My grandma always had a few chocolate bars hidden away in a drawer that she would sneak to us when my mom wasn't looking...and Canada has the best chocolate bars that you can't find anywhere else in the world, like 'Coffee Crisp', 'Crunchie', 'Turkish Delight', 'Wunderbar', and 'Crunchie', just to name a few. If you're ever in Canada and wondering what to buy your favorite English teacher, pick up a few of these (they tend to be cheaper than other chocolate bars-you can buy a pack of 4 at the dollar store).

Hmmm...what else? The fact that I'm going bald...ahhh...that one's more on my father. Ha ha!

I don't know. What can I blame her for? Ahhh...the fact that I'm not married. This one is totally her fault! I remember when I was in highschool, my mom said, "Don't get married too young!". And I took her advice on that and now she complains that I'm not married!b Typical mother-she's never happy! Ha ha!

So, it's my mom's fault that I'm single and sleepy on Mondays...ha ha!

How about you? What do you blame your parents for?

Have a great day!

PS Just for the record, she told me it was ok to blame her for being sleepy yesterday.

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