Hiroshima Sports Teams

Good morning everyone,

Well, yesterday was gorgeous and the rest of this week is looking the same. In fact, it'll get up to 30C and 31C on the weekend. And it's looking like no rain for the week either...

I went for a short run in the morning-just 7km and then headed to the pool to go for a swim. The swim was so much better than my first attempt last week. I still haven't mastered breathing from the left and right. I only breathe in from my right side. Apparently the really good swimmers do both...but I can't complain, I no longer look like I'm drowning gracefully. I actually look like I'm swimming.

After the swim, I had a look around the entrance to the Nishi Hiroshima Sports Centre (which sounds better than it really is-it's just a big building with a pool and...ahhh...well, a pool...ha ha!). Anyway, I was looking at some of the flyers there and noticed a couple of sports teams in Hiroshima that I'd never heard of...

So, how much of a sports fan are you? Or, to be more precise, how much of a Hiroshima sports fan are you?

If you don't know either of these two teams...

carp boya sanfrecce.png

you've probably been living in a cave...or under a rock...or not in Japan anyway...ha ha!

Of course, they are Hiroshima Toyo Carp and Hiroshima San Frecce-the baseball and soccer teams in the city.

A big fan of volleyball might be able to name the men's volleyball team? Can you? They're the JT Thunders...
Hiroshima JT Thunders
But can you tell me what these teams are? WITHOUT checking online!?

Hiroshima Maple Reds

Coca Cola West Red Sparks

Hiroshima Gas

Ange Violet Hiroshima

Mazda Blue Zoomers

Hiroshima Marvelous

I'll give you a hint-there's a rugby team, a women's soccer team, a women's volleyball team, a badminton team, a field hockey team and a handball team...

Does this help?
 Hiroshima JT Marvelous hiroshima gas hiroshima violet ange hiroshima red sparks hiroshima mazda blue zoomers hiroshima maple reds
How did you do? Were there any I missed?

Have a great day!

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