Good morning everyone,

I beat the rain yesterday morning. Then it rained all morning and into the afternoon before stopping. I figured I'd make it home dry as such luck. It started pouring again around 5ish and was still raining pr etty heavily when I was on my way home. Today is looking like I'll be dry for the ride to work again and then we'll see rain off and on during the day. Then they are calling for overcast weather for the next week...although we may get some sunshine on Sunday...

Yesterday after work I popped into Yours in Fukuromachi on the way home to pick up some shredded cabbage and on the way I passed by . It brought back some memories, that's for sure. When Nova was going bankrupt, the staff (meaning managers and Japanese staff) stopped being paid before the teachers. I went almost 4 months without getting paid! During that time I was still working and needed to eat but there was no way I was going to spend my money on expensive lunches. That's when I discovered 半田屋 .
handaya shop
It was a lifesaver!

When I rode past last night, I saw some of the prices and it made me wonder how much we are being gouged by other food shops. It was a quick glance so I don't remember all of them, but one that stuck out was Chicken Katsu Curry for ¥360! That's probably cheaper than I can make my own lunch! 

If it was closer to my school, I'd probably start going there again.

Which begs the question...why are other places so expensive?! They must be making a fortune off us! I'm definitely in the wrong business! Chicken Katsu Curry will set you back between ¥600 and ¥800 depending on the place. That's between two and three times the price of 半田屋 . Heck, you can even get 1kg of Curry if you're up for it...
handaya 1kg curry  
And, my memory may be slipping a bit, but I remember it being pretty tasty! And they changed the menu pretty much every day so there was tons of variety.

Have you ever been? I know most of the customers are students, retirees and low-income earners, but I'm not so proud that I can't go (besides I qualify as a "low-income earner"...Ha ha! And it was good! Besides that, you can't turn your nose up at a great deal like that, can you?

If they only sold beer, it'd be a perfect place for a date...ha ha! Anyone wanna' go with me!?

Have a great day!

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