Crazy over 'Frozen'

Good morning everyone,

Well...what can I say about the's rainy season. I'd like to thank Yu Shi (雨師)-one of the many gods of rain worshipped around the world-for giving me a free shower last night on the way home. It suddenly started bucketing down just as I was getting ready to head home. Luckily, I was a boy scout (The motto of  the Boy Scouts is: Be prepared) and therefore had packed all of my rain gear in my bag yesterday morning so it was no problem. I saw more than a few people who were not so well prepared and got soaked while walking or riding home in the rain. They aren't calling for rain today or tomorrow, but I wouldn't put my umbrella too far away, if I were you.

So, have you been to 'Frozen' yet? If not, you might be the only person in Japan who hasn't seen it! Ha ha! The movie is now the 3rd highest grossing film ever in Japan behind...can you guess the top two? I'll give you a hint-one is a Ghibli studio release and the other is based on a disaster...

Also, the hit single 'Let It Go' also dethroned AKB48's 34 week run as the top choice at karaoke boxes around Japan and has been the number one choice for 3 straight weeks. I wonder what the DVD sales will be like.

And it isn't only in Japan-the movie is now the #1 grossing animated film EVER and is in the top 5 of all-time!

But, it isn't all good news for the lovers of the film...
Apparently a couple in Japan is splitting up over the film. That's right. Apparently, the wife is addicted to the film and watched it many times. She eventually dragged  her husband with her to go see it and he couldn't understand why she loved it so much. She then declared that she couldn't stay with a man who couldn't appreciate the movie and left to go live with her parents because, and I'm quoting here, "If you can't understand what makes this movie great, there's something wrong with you as a human being". She now refuses to speak to him directly and only communicates through her parents. Apparently he earns a good salary-at least enough that she was a homemaker and didn't have to work. Well, that might change in the future...ha ha! And while there may be some underlying issues that we are not being told about, my advice to him is, "Let Her Go"...ha ha! 

Have a great day!

PS Titanic is the 2nd highest grossing film ever in Japan and Spirited Away is number one with ticket sales of over 30 billion yen!

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