Let it out...

Good morning everyone,

Well, yesterday was pretty nice. It was actually sunny all day. Today will also start out sunny...and after that...well, not so great...ha ha! We might see some rain in the evening but they are basically calling for cloudy weather today and tomorrow. Some sunny weather tomorrow would be nice, I have a ton of laundry to do!

Any of you Carp fans out there feeling down? You want to have a good cry? Well, have you ever heard of ruikatsu? It's basically crying for the therapeutic benefit of it. In English we often say things like, "Let it out" or "All you need is a good cry" if someone is really sad. Conversely, we see people who don't cry and say they are "bottling things up" and we believe that's unhealthy.

But we were taught that boys don't cry (at least when I was a kid) but that attitude seems to be changing as well. I've noticed that Japanese cameramen have a weird attraction to people when they are crying. We get a super-duper, extra, extra, close-up of high school boys who have just lost a big game or of a girl who has won some contest. What is the fascination with seeing people cry?

Do you think it's because of Japanese culture? What I mean is that, in Japan, showing your emotions in any form in public is generally frowned upon, so when we see examples of it, it catches our attention? Especially if it's someone famous...

Or is it because we are so happy to see them showing their emotion in a situation that demands it?

I wonder...

Anyway, for those Carp fans among, if you want to have a good cry and get those negative feelings out, there are now 'ruikatsu' for you to attend and have a good cry at. Does it sound like it's worthwhile? Hmmm...I'm one of those people who never really cries at sad events. You'll often catch me crying during happy times, but when it's sad...I don't know, they just don't bring the tears out of me. I know there are people who cry all the time and I sometimes envy them...but then I read that crying doesn't always make people feel better. It seems to depend on how much support you receive while you are crying...if there's someone there whose shoulder you can cry on, go for it! 

But if not, you might be better off, just keeping it in...

Or...you can find one of those 'ruikatsu' events to try out... 

As for me, I'll pass thanks. I'm a professional bottler! Ha ha!

Have a good day!

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