Good morning everyone,

I don't know about you, but the rain caught me by surprise yesterday. And I don't think I was alone. I saw a lot of people not carrying umbrellas and running to their cars or the station with newspapers/bags or whatever else they had on hand over their heads. And not only did it's still raining! And it's going to keep raining on and off for most of the day. It should clear up tonight and then be sunny tomorrow and Friday and then the weekend is looking like it's going to rain both Saturday and Sunday...I wouldn't make any bbq plans, if I were you...

I definitely need to buy a clothes room is like a maze at the moment. I'm having to duck under and dodge around laundry in every room! It's good training, I guess! Ha ha!

Despite the rain, I went out for an 11km run in the morning and then headed to the Nishi Ward Sports Centre for a swim. I admit that I popped into Krispy Kreme for a donut as well...I wasn't going to, but when I got to Al Park, there was no line at all! It wasn't empty...there were a few customers, but I didn't have to wait. So, yeah...I had a donut...but I had just run 11km! I was hungry! Ha ha!

Then, I managed to swim about 500m at the pool. It was so tiring. But I'm getting back in a nice rhythm when I swim, I don't look like I'm drowning anymore! Ha ha!

After the pool, I decided to swing by 'Surya'. It's an Indian restaurant in Nishi Ward. Sorry, I don't know exactly the name of the area...Kogonaka or Kusatsuhigashi. It's right on the border between those two. One of my students had mentioned it a long time ago when I was whinging that there were no good Indian restaurants near my house, but I'd never really had a chance to go till yesterday.
surya curry

It was great! The best thing about it was, as soon as I'd ordered my lunch, I could hear the chef making the naan. That sound told me that I was about to eat authentic Indian cuisine (and the 4 Indian guys working there didn't hurt either...ha ha!). The curry was flavorful and not too spicy. You can choose how spicy you'd like the curry to be and I ordered the 'Little hot' level and it was perfect! Just spicy enough to give the curry a little zip without making it so spicy that it took away from the flavor of the curry.

The lunch set is 880 yen and includes a bowl of curry for dipping of your choice-there were about 5 or 6 different kinds to choose from and a small salad and a drink...and the most massive naan I've ever seen!
 surya lunch special

It was definitely worth it!

I ordered a Kingfisher to go along with my lunch too...
If you're having an Indian curry, you'd better drink Indian beer, right? Well, it was good too! (although after my busy morning, any beer probably would have tasted great! Ha ha!)

It was a lot of food! I could barely ride home-I think it would have been easier to roll home! ha ha! (we use the expression to 'roll somewhere' after we've eaten a lot. It suggests that our stomachs are so round that we can 'roll' there like a ball) I'm still full! Ha ha!

It's a bit out of the way, but if you ever find yourself feeling hungry and in the Kogo/Kusatsu area, you should pop in! I wouldn't recommend going at noon though, it's packed!

Have a great day!

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