I want all you can eat pizza!

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was gorgeous-I went for a run around 7am and still got a sunburn! I guess I'll have to be more careful in the future-even in the morning. Although they were calling for a high of 27C, it felt a lot hotter than hot that! Today and tomorrow are going to be pretty  much the same with a highs around 29C both days. From Friday...rain and it's looking like a rainy or cloudy weekend...but it's not like we can complain, it is rainy season after all...

Since I started going to the Nishi Ward Sports Centre, I've found a better route to Al Park. Now, instead of riding along the Miyajima Highway (it's technically a highway, but you wouldn't know it, there are sidewalks and tons of traffic lights). But the sidewalks are narrow and there's a traffic light every 50 metres which made it a pain to ride along...the route I found is one street east of the highway and there are not nearly as many traffic lights and it's a series of one-way streets so there isn't much traffic either.

And the added bonus is that I've found some new places-like that Indian place I went to last week. A student had told me about it ages ago, but I had no idea where it was till I started taking the back way to Al Park.

And I've also found an all-you-can-eat pizza restaurant...or at least I think that's what it is.
 pizza shop

It's a bit hard to understand exactly. Of course the sign says "all-you-can-eat", but then there is quite a long explanation about what it actually means. From what I can figure out there's a salad bar and pasta bar and that they bring the pizzas around to your table as they are made...

It sounds like a great idea-sometimes the pizza at buffets looks a little dry...you know...like it's been sitting there for a while...but if the staff bring it around freshly-cooked, it will always be nice, right? You would think so. However, some of the reviews said that during the busy lunch time, the restaurant doesn't make the pizzas fast enough and that when it's not busy, they don't make enough...ha ha!
pizza dish

Well, either way, I'm going to check it out for myself. I've been dying to find an all-you-can-eat pizza joint in Hiroshima and now that I've found one, I'm not going to listen to a few bad reviews...if it's bad, I won't have lost much...right? Just one lunch, it isn't like I've never had a bad lunch before in my life! Ha ha! The only thing is, it's the kind of place that I can't really go to by myself...does anyone like pizza and want to take me...and have Tuesdays off? Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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