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We can look forward to one more nice sunny day before the clouds roll in tomorrow and then it's looking like a mostly cloudy and partly rainy weekend. In fact, according to the forecast, this might be the last we see of the sun for a while...there's nothing but clouds and rain in the forecast after today...not that we can complain after parts of Tokyo got a foot of hail a couple of days ago. Yes, you're reading that right-30cm of hail! Isn't that one of the opening scenes from "Day After Tomorrow"? We'd better move to Okinawa! Ha ha!

So, I guess you know by now about the scandal involving Shigeaki Miyazaki, one of the members of Japanese pop duo, Chage & Aska.
If not, he was arrested for drug possession about a month ago. For those of you back home, it's hard to imagine because we see stars in and out and in and out of rehab and we just think it's par for the course. In fact, it's kind of big news if they HAVEN'T been arrested for drug possession! Ha ha! But here in Japan, being arrested for drug possession is basically a career killer. It's not impossible, but it's very difficult to resurrect your career if you've been caught using drugs. I suppose that's why most of the stars who are caught using drugs are at the tail end of the careers-doing drugs just isn't worth it for them.

Aska, as Miyazaki is known, probably fits into that category. The duo is often compared to 'Simon and Garfunkel', both because of their musical style and the fact that they were popular in the 70s, during the folk song craze. It's strange though, when we think of Chage and Aska, we think 70s, but most of their biggest hits, like 'Say Yes", "Yah! Yah! Yah!", "If" and the video made in collaboration with Studio Ghibli, "On Your Mark" were all released in the 90s.
aska-on your mark
Like Simon and Garfunkel, they split up, got back together, did solo stuff, got back together, split up...well, you get the picture...ha ha!

Then Aska was arrested for drug possession and his songs-both his solo hits and the duo's songs-increased in popularity. According to the national karaoke centre (yes, it's a real thing) the hit single, "Say Yes" was the 50th most popular song to sing at karaoke before his arrest (helped in part because it was the theme song from the tv show '101st Proposal')
aska-101st proposal
...and after his arrest it jumped to 11th place and is now hovering around 20th.
I wonder how many other singers with sagging careers will be pressured by their agents and managers to get arrested so their sales will go up? Ha ha! Having a mug shot, makes you more interesting, right? Maybe I should get one, my school might become really popular...hmmm...but I don't do drugs...and I'm not a violent person...and I don't have enough money to get caught doing 'insider trading''s a dilemma. Ha ha! Ahhh...maybe I'll just forget about it and settle for being a small school owner...but I will check out some of Chage and Aska's songs. Maybe they're good for karaoke...

Have a great day!

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