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Good morning everyone,

The string of sunny days has come to an end, although it isn't supposed to rain today, just be cloudy. Hopefully it'll feel a bit cooler. Tomorrow is looking like rain in the morning and throughout the day and clearing up in the afternoon. Sunday and Monday will be cloudy as well, before making way for some sun on Tuesday. Highs all week will be in the high 20s.

Last week in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly one female politician was heckled as she gave a speech about ways to help the problem of the declining population.
 tokyo assembly heckler

During her speech, one of the opposition party members asked her why she didn't get married and have children. And it became a media sensation here in Japan. (Have I mentioned how much I hate the Japanese media? ha ha!) Anyway, was it inappropriate? Yes. Should he apologize? Yes. (He already has.) Was it the worst thing that has ever been said at the Tokyo Assembly? I highly doubt it.

The heckler made a personal jab at the speaker, something that I wish they would ban altogether-it's so childish and not worthy of people who I vote for to represent me. And that is the problem I have with this situation. Speakers are heckled every day, why is this situation any different? It would have been big news if the heckler had said something offensive like, "Women should stay home and have babies-that's all they are good for". Now THAT would have been big news! The fact that a woman was heckled shouldn't make it big goes against the grain of being treated like an 'equal'. Do you know what I mean? And for the last time-it was NOT sexual harassment! It was sexist and stupid, but it was neither harassing nor sexual...

Also in the news last week were the 'Garbage Pickers' in Brazil. If you're reading this at home, you probably haven't heard of it, but at the World Cup, Japanese fans would clean up the garbage after the game.
japanese garbage pickers

It was made into huge news here in me a grumpy old man, but I wasn't that impressed. If the Japanese were taking their garbage with them after the game, like they do here in Japan, I would have been satisfied. But, because they went around cleaning up other people's garbage as well, it looked a bit...well, forced...what I mean is, it seemed like they were saying, "Look at us! We are Japanese! We are so clean! Aren't we great!". I think it's awesome that when I leave the baseball stadium here in Japan, everyone takes their garbage with them, but to 'appeal' to other countries that you do it, just looks like showing off. It ruins the altruistic nature of cleaning up...what do you think? Am I being overly critical? Maybe I'm grumpy because I got up too early this morning...ha ha!

Hmmm....what happened in the news recently that I was happy to see? (Just so you don't think I hate Japan...ha ha!) Hmmm...sorry...I can't find anything...but I might buy these shoes for the trip home to show my love for Japan...will that appease you? Ha ha!
japan flag crocs

Have a great day!

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