Good morning everyone,

Yesterday when I checked the weather, they said it was going to rain most of the morning and into the afternoon, but this morning when I looked at it, they said it'd be cloudy all day. That's good news for those of you who are off today! Tomorrow will be sunny and Monday cloudy, then it'll be sunny again on Tuesday. Highs for the next few days will all be in the high 20s.

I think I need to find a new news site for looking up things that are going on in Japan...the site I've been checking recently is so depressing...

Here are the top news items from the paper...

1. Fukushima Police Inspector commits suicide after bullying by boss. I doubt there's anything that will happen to the boss, but he should be seriously disciplined!

2. Angry scenes as TEPCO refuses to pay additional 50,000 yen to victims. The cheap bastards! That's only $500! They made millions (and millions and millions) last year.

3. Inventor Nakamatsu reveals he has terminal cancer. This is so sad. He's so famous in Japan as Dr. Nakamats-he holds thousands of patents.

4. Foot massager involved in 5th fatal accident. Really?! It took 5 deaths before they decided it wasn't safe? How irresponsible are they?!

5. Japan hangs man in 5th execution during Abe administration. I guess whether this is bad or not depends on your perspective...

I had to scan all the way down to the Business Section to find any positive news. And it is pretty much all positive...well, sort of. If you are already rich (rich enough to buy shares) or a major corporation (Toyota) then things are pretty rosy. The yen is still weak so returns on overseas sales are through the roof, investors are seeing large dividends and the Nikkei is rising, and inflation is causing the price of everything to rise (good for business). In fact, the only downside is that we are still not seeing any rise in salaries, so if you are one of the people like me, who work for a living, it isn't so rosy...yet. Hopefully, we'll see some rises in salaries soon...otherwise PM Abe's plan might go off the rails. Inflation only works to boost the economy if workers' wages rise as well.

Hmmm...ok...I'm desperate to find some good news...

While these may not count as 'good news'...they're still fun!
Check out this cool futon for your iPhone! This will make a good souvenir for some friends back home! Especially the ones who can never put their phones down! Have you got any friends like that? Maybe this will give them a hint...

How about this as a present for your husband? Well, for his birthday, when he comes home, you could answer the door wearing only this apron! How happy would he be!? So happy I guess! Ha ha!
Finally, would you like to enjoy more than just the view of Mt. Fuji? How about trying these awesome Fuji replica meals? Yes, they are real food! They look too good to eat!
That's about as 'happy' as I could get! I promise I'll look for a news site that's more uplifting...ha ha!

Have a great day!

Oh! I just thought of it-it's not going to rain today, that's great news!

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