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Today and tomorrow are going to continue to be nice with mostly sunny skies and highs around 30C. They're calling for rain on Thursday and Friday and the grey weather will continue through the weekend.

Well, Japan flamed out at this World Cup, didn't they? I'm not a big fan of soccer, but I follow it enough to know that the Japanese were out-matched in almost every aspect. They were outworked, outplayed, out-managed and out-hustled. It was a serious reality check for the Japanese team. They had soundly beaten their Asian rivals and performed well at friendlies against some of the better teams, but they soon learned that there is a big difference between a friendly and a real match.

The only logical result was the firing of Zaccheroni. However, he beat them to the punch and decided to step down as the Japanese national coach.
japan soccer zac

At that time, I thought the JFA (Japan Football Association) needed to consider hiring a South American coach instead of sticking with the European coaches that they've hired (Troussier, Osim and Zaccheroni) recently-only Zico was the exception.

Then I checked the paper this morning and lo and behold, they've already named their new head coach-Javier Aguirre from Mexico.
 japan soccer javier
He has the credentials for sure-he's managed the Mexican National Team at two World Cups, leading them to the final 16 as well as coaching teams in La Liga (the Premier league of Spanish Football) making him one of the most successful coaches in that league over the past few years.

He isn't without controversy though-he's been ejected for interfering with a player on another team, accused of nepotism and receiving bribes...all of these make him a bit of an interesting choice for Japan. I think having a fiery coach will be good for the team as long as he behaves himself. A little of fire is what they need after the standard (boring) tactics used by Zaccheroni.

I'm not sure he's worth the salary though...he'll be making $2.45 million per year-about the same as Zaccheroni was, but Zaccheroni had more experience. Anyway, I guess that's the price of inflation, eh?

While I'm intrigued by the choice, I would have thought that they would have taken a bit longer to consider their options-it's been less than a week since they started looking...did they already have him in mind, I wonder...

What do you think? Will a Mexican coach be the one to lead the Japanese team to the round of 16? or will they flame out quickly again four years from now in Qatar?

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