Can you drink 'Olaf'?

Good morning everyone,

Well, it's looking like it might rain today...ha ha! It's pouring out right now and it's probably going to keep it up all day. If I'm still fat when I head home, I'm blaming the weather-not the fact that I eat like a pig, have chocolate or ice cream every day (sometimes both), have fried chicken as a snack and treat vegetables like they are a condiment...ha ha! It can't be my fault, can it? Not with this weather anyway...well, I won't have any excuse to not go for a run tomorrow. It's supposed to be partly sunny and then cloudy on the weekend before we see sun again the beginning of next week. Even though I'm not looking forward to riding my bike to work in this weather, I have to say that we've had a pretty good 'rainy season' so far. I think it rained more before rainy season started...ha ha!
 Did you see 'Frozen' this summer? (It's the English title of the Disney movie that was/has been such a big hit here in Japan and around the world) Japan it's called, "アナと雪の女王".

Do you remember the snowman character, Olaf? He was the character who provided most of the comic relief in the movie. Do you ever feel like you want to have a drink with him? Sure, it'd be fun! And cool too-he's got his own snowstorm, remember? Ha ha! Or how about a drink just like him? Or how about an Anna or Elsa drink to help keep you cool this summer? If you go to Tokyo Disneyland, you can!

frozen theme drink 5

Starting from July 1 and only until August 31, you can consume three “character” drinks at Tokyo Disneyland. These fun non-alcoholic cocktails come in three varieties: Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. Plan for a bit of an adventure because the drinks are available only in certain places!

frozen themed drink 1

The Elsa cocktail is a nice icy blue color. It is made from the refreshing combination of grapefruit juice, lemon juice, blue syrup and gum syrup. If you are looking to order this cool drink, you can find it at the Empire Grill.

Frozen Themed Drink 3

The Anna drink reminds us of her wonderful pink hooded cape and features peach nectar, strawberry syrup, blue syrup, blueberry sauce, Calpis water and pink coloring. Anna’s cocktail can be found at the Disney Ambassador Hotel Lobby Lounge.

Frozen Themed Drink 2

The final drink represents our fun-loving snowman who yearns for summer, Olaf. It uses fresh pineapple, pineapple syrup, passion fruit syrup, and coconut syrup. If you are looking to have this one, you'll have to head on down to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort Lobby Lounge!

Each of the drinks is available for 1,550 yen. Certainly not cheap, but have you ever found anything at Disneyland that was? Besides, we now pay 700 yen for a beer at ZoomZoom Stadium, if you think of it that way, it's not too much...well, until  you remember that there's no alcohol in them...I take it back. That's a bit pricey for me! ha ha! For a true Frozen fan, no price is too high I guess! I suppose you could sneak a pocket flask in and make your drink alcoholic...

They look pretty funky, but as for me, I'll be sticking with beer this summer...I can't afford to pay $15 for a drink, let alone the hundreds of dollars it would cost to get to and then into Disneyland...ha ha!

How about you? Will you give one of those drinks a try?

Have a great day!

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