Mass hysteria...

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was wet-but once again, here in Hiroshima we were hit much lighter than other areas. Just south of us in Fukuoka, they got over 300mm of rain! Today and tomorrow will both be sunny and then Sunday is looking like a cloudy day with a chance of rain. The beginning of the week isn't looking too bad at this stage-a mix of sun and clouds on both Monday and Tuesday...but we'll see-the weather is so changeable during rainy season...

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I always make fun of Tokyoites for panicking at the slightest thing...I think it has to do with the fact that they are constantly being reminded that Tokyo is way overdue for a huge earthquake, so they're always a little on edge. And on top of that, the media are largely based in Tokyo, so when things happen there they get reported over and over, making things seem 'bigger' than they are.

However, I might have to change my tune a bit, apparently being hysterical (not 'funny') isn't unique to Tokyoites. Did you read in the paper the other day about the case of mass hysteria in Fukuoka?
Around 10 a.m. on June 30, a first-year student at Yanagawa High School, a private  school in Fukuoka Prefecture, suddenly began screaming in the middle of class and became unable to move her body-basically she had a panic attack. Soon after, several of her female classmates began displaying the same strange behavior, and their numbers increased to either 27 as more students from surrounding rooms arrived to see what was happening. The afflicted students, who were all female and ranged from first-years through third-years, were taken home by their guardians. The school eventually shut down completely around 1 p.m., and remained closed the following day for authorities to investigate the cause of events.

The story gets even stranger with the addition of a strange twist–some are whispering that the girls were actually possessed by a ghost.
Every year, the first-year students at Yanagawa High School go on an excursion to the nearby Mt Hiko as part of their studies. The area is rumored to be inhabited by the spirit of a headless girl. Some people are hypothesizing that one of the high school students became possessed by the ghost during the recent class trip, and it came home with her when they returned.

Ahhh...rrriiiggghhhttt...maybe I'm sceptical because I don't believe in 'ghosts'. At least not the kind that walk around and possess people...

I think I'll stick with mass hysteria-all of them are teenagers, all of them are girls (am I being sexist? Nope. It's not sexist when it's true...ha ha!) and they are all in a stressful situation-the last couple of weeks of papers and exams before summer holidays. One girl 'loses it' (slang for having a 'panic attack') and then 20 others suddenly start displaying the same symptoms...sorry, that's exactly how we define mass hysteria...

So, my apologies to all Tokyoites, apparently you're not alone in succombing to mass hysteria, there's you (everyone in Tokyo) and teenage everyone in Tokyo is like a teenage girl? Yep, that's about right...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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