Good morning everyone,

Well, are you enjoying the nice sunny Saturday during Rainy Season? I'm not, because I'll be at work in a couple of hours and won't even have 5 minutes to step outside and enjoy the nice weather. Sunday will be cloudy and they've changed the forecast for the beginning of the week because there's a typhoon headed our way. That's right! It's the beginning of July and there's already a typhoon coming (technically typhoon season is from July to October, but we rarely see them this early-most of them are in August and September). It's too early to tell how close it'll come, so keep an eye on the weather early to mid week.

I'm hoping I get a chance to head to Zoom Zoom Stadium one more time this summer while it's still hot. I really want to check out their Ice Box. Have you heard of it?
carp ice box2

Basically there's a room in the stadium that they've carved out of ice and keep it at -12C. For an extra $3 (on top of your ticket price) you can pop in for a beer or soft drink. I doubt you'll stay for two! Ha ha! I hope they lend those jackets to everyone and not just the kids!
carp ice box 

It looks like a lot of fun though!
carp ice box1
carp ice box4

I don't know about you, but it looks like it's worth the extra fee. It would be like a little piece of heaven in this hot and humid summer in Hiroshima!

I'll just have to make sure I wear a couple of warm layers-I don't know how long I'd be able to stand it with just my shorts and sandals on...but hey I'm Canadian, right? We do it all the time in the winter...
...ok, so maybe not all the time, but it isn't that strange to see someone wearing sandals and shorts in the winter if they're only going to be outside for a bit.

So, now that I think about it, I could probably pull it off, especially if I had a couple of beers to warm me up beforehand! We call it the 'beer sweater', after you've had a few drinks, it doesn't feel so cold outside...ha ha!

Has anyone been inside? Is it worth the extra $3? Wait! Don't tell me-I want to check it out for myself!

And then I'll tell all of you!

Have a great day!

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