They much?

Good morning everyone,

Did you enjoy that rain yesterday? maybe nobody enjoyed that much rain! Not even the farmers were happy, I guess. What makes it scarier is the typhoon that is bearing down on us in the next couple of days. Whether it actually hits Hiroshima or not, it will bring a lot of rain and there's a serious risk of landslides so be careful if you live near, on, or at the foot of a mountain! Today and tomorrow are looking mostly cloudy with a possibility of rain today till around lunchtime. The cloudy skies will remain tomorrow and we may see some rain tomorrow evening caused by the northern edge of the typhoon. Thursday is too difficult to predict because it all depends on the path the typhoon takes...keep a close eye on the weather! We are usually so lucky here in Hiroshima, but this typhoon is a big one so even if it misses us, we'll feel the effects on Thursday and Friday...

The other day I was whinging (mostly to myself) about the cost of apples. I forget how much it costs for apples back home, but I bought a bag of apples-with 3 apples in it and it cost me just under $6. $6! For 3 apples! And I've lived here for so long, that it didn't even seem that outrageous...I suppose I can't complain least it wasn't $12,000....

I don't know about around the world, but everyone in Japan knows about Yubari Melons.
fruit-yubari melon

They are the insanely expensive melons that come out of  a small farming community in Horkkaido near Sapporo. Every year the most expensive ones usually go for around $12,000. No, that isn't a typo...that's how much they really cost.

Not that I'm ever likely to taste a Yubari Melon, but there is no way in the world you can convince me that any fruit-even the best melon the world has ever produced is worth $12,000!

Well, it looks like I'm not going to be eating grapes in Japan any time soon either...a wedding hall in Ishikawa has purchased a bunch of grapes for $5,400 to serve at one lucky(?) couple's wedding.
fruit-ruby roman grapes

There are 30 grapes in the bunch of Ruby Roman grapes, so some quick division will tell you that the grapes are $180 a pop. That's more than a nice bottle of champagne would cost you for each grape! I'd love to try one, so I might sneak into their wedding, but knowing my luck, I'd be the 31st person in line...ha ha! Seriously though, I hope there will be fewer than 30 guests at the wedding. The last thing you want is a brawl breaking out over a bunch of grapes...

They've probably got this toilet paper too...ha ha!
fruit-toilet paper

I think I'll stick with my $2.00 apple...which still seems expensive to me...I guess it's all about perspective, eh? Somebody remind me when I'm back home to check how much apples cost in Canada!

Have a great day!

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